Guild Enrollment & Evaluation
There are many methods to publicize your guild. Once  publicized, there are many methods to enroll
your members. Once enrolled, there are many methods to evaluate them. The style and methods of
enrollment  will be up to you. However, you need to establish some basic ground rules and have some
basic enrollment plan set up for you and your officer for your guild to be effective and efficient in
obtaining new members.

When members join your guild, there should be a set process for enrollment. Not only does this make
your enrollment process more efficient but it brings confidence to the new recruit that your guild
knows what it's doing. Think of your guild like a private school and you are picking the new
students. What set of rules and criteria are important to you and how do you enroll them?

The enrollment process may vary from guild to guild. Some people prefer a rolling enrollment, others
prefer a monthly enrollment process. Some guild may cap a limit to the number of recruits they will
accept per month. Others may limit their enrollment to a certain archetype. You should set up certain
rules and follow that process for each interested recruit. Those who follow the enrollment process
shows that they are willing to dedicate time in reading your rules and can follow instructions. Those
who just want to be in your guild but totally disregard your enrollment process right in the beginning
should bring red flags immediately.

Once again, you can find proven and effective enrollment systems in our starter kit that will
tremendously increase the likelihood of recruiting good and qualified members suited for your

When you enroll a member to your guild, the process of evaluation is important. You need to cut the
cord early if a recruit is not what you are looking for, You need to dispose of the problematic or
potential problematic recruit early. Once again, there are many methods for an effective evaluation
process. Most of these will require assistance and cooperation from your officers. However, a set of
evaluation rules must be set in place before anything begins so every recruit starts off on the same
boat and is treated equally. Depending on your enrollment process, your evaluation process should be
tailored to fit it.

Once again, effective and proven evaluation process in our creation guide will tremendously increase
your ability to screen potentially harmful and problematic recruits in the beginning

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