Teamspeak & Ventrilo Service for your Guild
We at recognize the importance of effective guild communication. Recently, Ventrilo
and Teamspeak have become an essential part of any major guild.
We've finally found TWO
OPTIONS for you guild leaders and officers on methods of verbal communication.

OPTION Audio Video Chat Interface-FREE is a MMORPG social networking and community site which has many
FREE options for those who sign up and create a profile. One of the major function is their AV Chat
Rooms which essentially works like Ventrilo or Teamspeak but it also takes advantage of the
webcams on your computer,
allowing guild members to view each other while chatting. It is a
great alternative for gamers who just want to meet up and greet in teh chat room or those who lack
funding for traditional Vent/Teamspeak. You can enter a private room with your guildmates and
initiate Audio and Visual Communication. The video portion is the exciting part of myMMORPGspace.
The service is FREE  if you sign up.

tThe server that is both cheap and reliable for your guild gaming needs.
Order Teamspeak 2 or Ventrilo from Clanwarz

They Offer The Following Services:
  • Month to Month Contract
  • No Hassle Money Back Guarantee
  • Simple to Cancel - Cancel button within the Web Admin
  • Easy To Use Web Admin
  • Easy To Change All Voice Formats and Voice Codecs Web Admin
Placing your Teamspeak2 or Ventrilo Server Order is simple:
  • Place your order
  • Make Payment with Paypal or Credit Card
  • Check and save email with Web Admin Instructions
  • Edit your Venrilo/Teamspeak Servers via Web Admin
  • Your Ventrilo/Teamspeak Servers will restart with your new changes
  • It is that simple! Enjoy!

Web Admin
Their web admin was designed with you in mind. Whether you are a renter or a reseller, you will be
able to login and modify your Ventrilo/Teamspeak Server from anywhere via the internet!

Automated Setup
Our Programmers have made the Ventrilo/Teamspeak Server order process easy and completely
automated. When you order a Ventrilo/Teamspeak Server from them, you will receive your
Ventrilo/Teamspeak Server within five seconds of your order. So stop waiting...Order Today!

Voice Quality
From 56k dialups to T1, every customer will enjoy crystal clear sound. All voice codec and voice
fomats can be accessed and changed from the web admin. Since there is no limit on the bandwidth,
you too will enjoy a crystal clear voice network.
Price for Teamspeak 2 or Ventrilo Servers
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MMORPG Guild Media
Every MMORPG guild officer, leader and creator needs to know a little about guild website creation, guild
artwork, guild videos, and graphics. Information regarding where to host these videos and images are important.
Communication modalities such as VoIP (with Teamspeak and Ventrilo) and establishing successful website
forum have become synonymous with running a MMORPG guild. Our media pages will offer some insight and
knowledge on what you can do as a guild officer.
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