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World of Warcraft Twinking Guide

This guide will help you create a character that will be totally awesome at battlegrounds. It does take
quite a bit of gold to do this but this guide also covers some wow gold making tips.

1) Intro

2) Funding your twink
- Techniques that work for me!
- All possible aspects of obtaining gold you will need to make an awesome twink!

3) What you will need
-How much gold (including plug in numbers for different servers!)
-Quests (Horde and Alliance)
-Pick a duty, and focus on that (ganking for honor, running the flag, defending, etc.)

4) The Battlegrounds
-Assuming you want to make a twink to "Pwn" the BG and get that reputation bar up to where YOU
want it to be!
-What's the Best Descision for you?

5) Learning your alt
-First, choose a class
-Tips, and how to
-Pick a job for your twink, and focus on making that job easy for your level 19, 29, or 39 character.
1) Introduction
Welcome to my twinking guide, Here I will explain everything you will need to know (more in the
coming posts) about twinking, including Who/what/when/where/why and HOW! This guide will
(eventually) cover important, previously un-adressed information like; Funding, What you will need to
accomplish, Where to concentrate your effort(defense, offense, etc.)

Whatever reason you chose to make a twink, you've chose the right reason. Some make twinks to
"catch-up" while others do it out of boredom. Here you will learn steps you will need to take in order
to meet your own needs.

2) Funding your Twink
Okay, Lets be down to earth. not everyone has 5,000 gold to spend. You might have anywhere from
nothing to 500 gold. I've found a few posts on the internet about making money. there are many
choices here..

A. Scam your way to finacial freedom
Either you dis-approve this method or not, bottom line it makes some serious gold. Things like mass
mailing "donations" and even things like 500 gold for a wrapped gray item.

B. Cash into Gold
You might have contemplated laying down the green in exhange for some gold, I've done this and it
does work. You do get 1000 gold but the downside is, if you arent used to having that much money,
it goes by way too quickly. Instead of buying that one epic, you can do things like buy the mats to
make an epic item of your profession or get an alt to 300/300 of a "money making" profession. If you
invest it, you will get much more in return.

C. Quest for it
With the XP into Gold with patch 1.10, this method may work. i've noticed i usually come up short
handed in UBRS raids. i'll earn 1 gold an hour, and make about 3-4 gold then have to repair my armor
for 3 gold 38 silver. You can grind for it, and quest for it. this is a lot of work, but if your up to
grinding for 500g to get an enchant for your alt, no one is stopping you.

All of these methods work, including some not mentioned. mass-resell, and reselling epics, or
"farming" those leet purples might work for you. Basically you need something to fund your newly
aquired character.

3) What you will need
A. Gold
This was mentioned above, however you will need a hefty flow of gold to buy the enchants, armor,
weapons, potions, etc. the price on the server for different enchants varies, so I wont "estimate" the

For Suramar, the price for enchants is usually anywhere from 20g (firey enchant) to 340g (crusader)
its cheaper to buy the enchant from the enchanter, and fund the cost with your choice of income.
Save your professions for making more gold.

Depending on the class, you're really going to want different enchants than the next person and there
are "customizations" for each duty you choose.

A Rogue, specializing in flag-running for mass reputation bonus' will want...
Chest: Health +100
Back: defense +70
Feet: Speed increase
Weapon(s): +15 agility
Hands: Agility (or attack rate)
Bracers: Agility or Stamina
Trinkets: Insignia of the alliance, and the Wool Lufa that cancels bleed effects.

Potions: Health potions, Healthstones from a warlock, Invisibility potion (more stealth), Greater
fire/shadow/etc. resist potion because all those twinks are doing fire damage with their firey weapon
enchant. Thistle tea.. a lot of thistle tea. This will give you 100 energy, which you can use to lay
down the ownage.

Each class is going to want different enchants. Start with what you know! Mage's don't need
strength, and warriors can't use intellect. From there break it down to Magic and Melee classes then
the Mixed catagory.

Magic: Mage, Warlock, Priest

Mage: Low level intellect enchants are a great place to start. here is a short list of enchants, plug in
the numbers of the price on YOUR server to see how much all of this would cost you.

Enchant Price(Gold)
Enchant Item Permanent (Intellect +22) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Intellect +3) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Intellect +5) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Intellect +7) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Intellect +9) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Intellect +8) ________

Remember, for a mage these enchants are an awesome place to start. Use your budget to determine
your overall affordablility for your twink.

Warlock: Low level Stamina and health enchants are great for that level 19 warlock who just learned
Life Tap at level 16, stamina becomes intellect instantly, and you get more Mana per HP if you put
talent points into your improoved life tap talent, which gives you 20% more mana from each cast.

Enchant Price(Gold)
Enchant Item Permanent (Stamina +1) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Stamina +3) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Stamina +5) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Stamina +7) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Stamina +8) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Stamina +9) ________

Priest: Low level spirit enchants are the most in-expensive enchants, I've found with my playing style
having a lot of spirit on a priest or any caster, cuts down massively on eating/drinking time. if you
have enough spirit you can actually sit down and regain all of your health in 30 seconds. you can start
with low level enchants, and work up to things like Mighty Spirit (+21 spirit on weapon)

Enchant Price(Gold)
Enchant Item Permanent (Spirit +1) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Spirit +20) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Spirit +3) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Spirit +5) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Spirit +7) ________
Enchant Item Permanent (Spirit +9) ________
Enchant Item Temporary (Spirit +3) ________
Enchant Item Temporary (Spirit +6) ________

4) Armor

Everyone starts somewhere. I know what you're thinking, "That level 19 sword is 250g?" or "Who
would pay 600g for that level 38 sheild?" You can get the same results, (equal or lesser) and test the
waters to see if twinking is for YOU. below are my suggestions on where to start for the Green
quality armor, that best suits the class you've chosen. just type in whats in the quotations, into the
auction house search. so if you have a rogue and want "of the tiger" leave the specifications blank,
and type "of the tiger" and viola!

If you can play a mage to its full potential, you know how not to get hit. if you are of that skill level
go with "Of Intellect" items, the boost in mana will help your mana sheild, and each int. point for a
mage increases damage! if you cant hang with it, go with "Of the Eagle" the extra stamina as well.

Though I havn't played priests much I would say "Of the Owl" because if you have a lot of spirit you
can re-generate your health and mana while you sit (no food/water) or while you run/travel between
fights. Assuming you make a shadow priest, also go with "of intellect" seeing as how you can heal
youself, stamina shouldnt be that important to a good priest player.

Ah, my personal specialty. Defenitly go with "Of the Eagle" first. its got the intellect you need for
mana, and the stamina you need... to turn into more mana. many different opinions here, but "Of
Stamina" will benefit you too, as a close second.

A casting druid will want different things, its up to you. A mix of both worlds I would say go with
"Of the Gorilla" for the strength and intellect. a Druid wont have as much mana as say, a gnome
mage. so the strength is more of a backup. if you're really playing like a caster, go all out and choose
"Of Intellect" or "Of the Eagle"

Plus Healing Spells. Period. If you're a casting paladin your job should be to heal the snot out of the
flag carrier (if your co-operation is good) "Of the Gorilla" if you arent going to be casting many
healing spells, and if YOU want to run the flag defenitly skip the noise and trekk to "Of the Eagle" for
the increased mana to protect you, and the increased health to help you along.

Defensive: A Defensive warrior will want to go with "Of Stamina" first off, because a warrior with
1,000hp is hard for a "normal" BG player to kill by himself. so you'll win by schere HP mass, along
with your stun+bandage or potion tactic.

Offensive: An offensive warrior will want "Of Power" and "Of the Bear" mixed. The added attack
power will help you finish off those weak "normal" people, and the stamina and strength will only add
to it, to make you a smashing behemoth of doom to be reckoned with!

A rogue should first decide what his job is. "Are you going to run the flag?" or "Are you going to kill
helpless people?"

If you're running the flag: Go with "Of the Monkey" the agility is there for the hopeful proc of a crit,
and the stamina is there for the extra-whacks you will be able to take. also enchant your boots with
"Increased Running Speed"

If you're killing people: Go with "Of the Tiger" The Strength and Agility will boost your attack, you
can also mix in "Of power" wherever you find it.

Hunters can either be ranged, or up front flag runners depending on your level (remember
19,29,39,49) so you can assist with aspect of the pack, along with your increased running speed ...
onto the armor.

Ranged: Stick with "Of the Falcon"(agi+int) hands down, that is hunter gear. you will be able to stay
back and crit with the added agility, and cast Aimed shot and arcane shot (level dependency) as many
times as you need to.

Melee: Melee hunters should go for "Of the Tiger" as well (i know some are duplicate) Agility and
Stamina is the way to go for the starting out hunter. hopefully he'll land a crit, and he'll stay alive to
crit with the added HP.

Dedicate time to staying a certain level and your twink will grow!
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