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WoW Profession Guide: Mining (Page1)
By Kristina Johnson

Every guild needs members who have mastered the various professions in World of Warcraft. Having
such members can aid their guild’s newer members level more quickly. This is done by being able to
craft various pieces of equipment or improving the current equipment. However, the backbone to all
the crafting professions is the resource gathering professions, especially mining. Thus it is most
important for every guild to have a large number of members with these.  Mining is the most essential
profession for skills such as Blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, engineering, and jewel crafting. A miner
not only can provide it’s guild with all the resources for its members to craft what the guild needs but
can also sell left over resources for a hefty sum on the auction house. Plenty of money can be made
which can then either be used or donated to guild members. This article will provide you information
on how to efficiently master your mining profession and reach to level 300 as quickest as possible.
(300 is the max unless you have the Burning Crusade expansion where max is then 375). I’ll give the
BC expansion info at the very bottom for those that have the expansion.

The first thing you need to know is where the trainers are for each faction of WoW which is below.
Here is a list of at what level you can train to the next rank of mining profession.

Skill Requirement for Each Rank:
Apprentice - 0
Journeyman - 50
Expert - 125
Artisan - 200

Now for the good stuff. I’m going to give the ranks at which you can mine each vein type of ore and
I will follow that up with the rank needed to smelt each ore type. (anything with * is a special ore type
related to quests)

Rank for mining Vein types:
Copper - Rank 1
Tin  -    Rank 65
Incendicite - Rank 65 *
Silver - Rank 75
Lesser Bloodstone - Rank 75 *
Iron - Rank 125
Indurium - Rank 150 *
Gold - Rank 155
Mithril - Rank 175
Dark Iron - Rank 230 *
True silver - Rank 230
Small Thorium - Rank 250
Rich Thorium - Rank 275

Ranks for smelting ore:
Copper - Rank 1
Tin - Rank 65
Bronze - Rank 65
Silver - Rank 75
Iron - Rank 125
Gold - Rank 155
Steel - Rank 165
Mithril - Rank 175
Truesilver - Rank 230
Dark Iron - Rank 230
Thorium - Rank 250

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Horde Trainers:
Center of the Valley of Honor
in Orgrimmar
  Brek Stonehoof
Western edge of the center
plateau in Thunder Bluff.
  Brom Killian
South of the bridge leading to
the War Quarter in the
Alliance Trainers:
Geofram Bouldertoe
Deepmountain Mining Guild in
  Gelman Stonehand
Western side of the Dwarven
District in Stormwind.
  Yarr Hammerstone
Eastern edge of Kharanos in
Dun Morogh
  Dank Drizzlecut
Slightly north of Gol'Bolar
Quarry in Dun Morogh
  Brock Stoneseeker
Southwest side of Thelsamar
in Loch Modan.
  Kurdram Stonehammer
Northern area of Auberdine in
  Matt Johnson
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