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WoW Profession Guide: Engineering (Page1)
By Kristina Johnson

In my last guide, I discussed in great length about mining. (Click here for article) Mining is probably
the best profession to take with Engineering since you will need lots of metals. Engineering, at higher
levels, requires materials from all the different gathering professions but it is still predominately metals.
So if you are going to start your profession as an engineer, I suggest taking mining. It will help you
the most in the end and it won’t cost you as much to level quickly in engineering. I have only
mastered up to rank 300 in engineering and have yet to work on the Burning Crusade stuff for
engineering (300-375-that will be a future update).
To start off,  the best race to choose if your going to make a character just for engineering is the
Gnome race. They get a racial bonus of +5 to engineering. You will need to know that once you reach
level 30 and have a skill of 200 in engineering you can begin the quest to choose your specialization of
either Goblin or Gnome Engineering. Gnome will provide you with the widest array of devices to help
you in any situation while Goblin will provide you with tons of bombs, mines, mortars and even
sapper charges. Basically in the end, it is a matter of whether you want to deal massive damage or
have something to get you out of every sticky situation? I prefer Gnomish myself as I find it makes
any class weaknesses into strengths (something that even before specializations engineering is very
good at doing). First you need to know where to go to train in mining:

For all basic levels of engineering you can go to any major city.

Artistan Trainers levels you will need Ironforge (alliance) and Ogrimmar (Horde)

The Master (trains you to Artistan) can be found in
Tanaris for all Engineers.

Before you start, you will need to buy a Blacksmith’s hammer for your grind as it is used in nearly all
your crafting. The other tools that you will need, you will be able to make (except for the anvil). Here
is the basic path I would suggest taking for your grind:
  • 1-40: Rough Blasting Powder, sell all [90 Rough Stones] (1xRough Stone)
  • 41-50: Handful of Copper Bolt, used for 66-75.[10 Copper Bars] (1xCopper Bar)
  • 51:Arclite Spanner[6xCopper Bar](6xCopper Bar)
  • [b]52-65: Copper Tubes, 10 used for 66-75.[35 Copper Bars] (2x Copper Bar 1x Weak Flux)
  • 66-75: Rough Boom Sticks, sell all (1x Copper Tube 1x Handful of Copper Bolts 1x Wooden
  • 76-95: Coarse Blasting Powder, keep 20 for 121-125.[80 Coarse Stones] (1x Coarse Stone)
  • 96-105: Silver Contacts, Keep 5 for 146-150, Keep 5 for 191-195.[10 Silver Bars](1x Silver
  • 106-120: Bronze Tubes, sell all.[30 Bronze Bars](2x Bronze Bar 1x Weak Flux)
  • 121-125: Small Bronze Bombs, sell all.[10 Bronze Bars, 10 Wool Cloth](1x wool cloth 1x silver
    contact 4x coarse blasting powder 2x bronze bar)
  • 126-145: Heavy Blasting Powder, 10 for 146-150, 50 for 150-175, 15 for 191-195.[70 Heavy
    Stones] (1x Heavy Stone)
  • 146-150: Big Bronze Bombs, throw at friends or sell.[15 Bronze Bars](2x Heavy Blasting
    Powder 3x Bronze Bar 1x Silver Contact)
  • 150-175: Blue, Green or Red Fireworks, sell.[50 Heavy Leather](1x Heavy Leather 1x Heavy
    Blasting Powder)
  • 176: Gyromatic Micro-Adjustor[4x Steel Bars](4x Steel Bar)
  • 177-190: Solid Blasting Powder, 10:206-210, 15:211-225, 16:236-245, 10:246-250[66 Solid
    Stones](2x Solid Stone)
  • 191-195: Big Iron Bomb, sell[15 Iron Bars](3x Iron Bar 3x Heavy Blasting Powder 1x Silver
  • 196-205: Mithril Tubes, sell.[30 Mithril Bars](3x Mithril Bar)
  • 206-210: Unstable Triggers, 10 for 236-245.[10 Mithril Bars, 10 Solid Blasting Powder](1x
    Mithril Bar 1x Mageweave Cloth 1x Solid Blasting Powder)(need for later)
  • 211-225: Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs, sell on AH for good profit[15 Mithril Bars, 15 Solid Blasting
    Powder](1x Mithril Bar 1x Solid Blasting Powder)

After this things get a little crazier with the grind so you will want to have extra materials on hand
incase you get a run of bad luck.
  • 226-235: Mithril Casings, 10 for 236-245.[40 Mithril Bars] (3x Mithril Bar)
  • 236-245: Hi-Explosive Bomb, sell.[10 Mithril Casings, 10 Solid Blasting Powder](2x Mithril
    Casings 1x Unstable Trigger 2x Solid Blasting Powder)
  • 246-250: Mithril Gyro-Shot, sell.[16 Mithril Bars, 16 Solid Blasting Powder](2x Mithril Bar 2x
    Solid Blasting Powder)
  • 251-260: Dense Blasting Powder, Keep all for shells!![50 Dense Stones](2x Dense Stone)
  • 261-290: Thorium Widget, keep for most high-end stuff or sell.[99 Thorium Bars, 33
    runecloth] (3x Thorium Bar 1x Runecloth)
  • 290-300: Thorium Tubes, keep for most high-end stuff or sell.[60 Thorium Bars] (6x Thorium

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