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DKP System and Essential WoW Addons
By Kristina Johnson

Well my own guild on Uldaman server was looking at future systems for deciding when and who
could get the Armor Set loots and the likes from dungeons and raids. The topic of the DKP system
came up. The discussion was held mostly among the officers and leaders so I figured I would start
looking up some Addons that can track DKP. I also started looking up some information on how a
DKP system works. This way I could provide my guild with all the latest and best info on this system
so they could make a fully informed decision on whether to use the system or not in the future. I
decided to turn these posts of mine into articles to help out other guilds
It should be noted that though a number of larger guilds use the DKP system or a variation of it,
MANY players do not like guilds that use such a system. The great majority of these players are the
casual players. I personally also do not prescribe to the DKP system as I find that it is just not a very
good system to use in most cases. DKP systems try to maximize being fair over the decision of
random chance, but because there are different opinions about what constitutes "fair" there are several
implementations of DKP systems. DKP systems often require the balancing act of a number of
conflicting goals. Meeting all these goals at once is difficult, and may require compromise.
There are several weaknesses with a basic DKP system. When time progresses, long-standing players
build up a large bank of points and they can afford to out-bid any new players. As a result, new
players may hesitate to join a guild using a basic DKP system. Also many items are useful only to one
class of players. If, for example, a "Warrior-only" item drops, the warriors could all agree to limit their
spending of DKP, such as by assigning it randomly and then bidding the minimum bid, or by placing a
ceiling on the price. If this happens, warrior items would be relatively undervalued compared to items
for other classes. When items useful to multiple classes drop the warriors will, as a group, have more
DKP to spend than those from some other class.
It is also well known that many players will collude to help each other in bidding and fix the
competition. These types of practices often break the fairness intended while taking advantage of
others who are worked hard.
However, if you are using a DKP system, the following are a list of useful Addon’s which might be
helpful. Here are a couple of the more common ones I see being used.
  • EQDKP is a global Addon that appears to have many support addons attached to it. Many
    website known as and in my opinion this may be the best addon listed here
    addons revolves around this central program. Furthermore, this is all supported by the addon
    by me.
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