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Free WoW Death Knight Preparation Guide

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Warcraft Death Knight Preparation Guide.

Want to get a head start with your Death Knight? Check  out the World of Warcraft: Wrath of the
Lich King Preparation guide to discover all the preliminaries for starting out strong. Ponder no more
what trinkets, enchants and other items are recommended for your Death Knight. Whether it is
equipment you want to get more information on or questing, get them in this Death Knight Preparation
guide for free.

Highlights of the Death Knight Preparation Guide:
  • Quest walkthroughs to get you through selected Death Knight quests
  • Information on all sorts of consumables like potions, elixirs, wards, etc and the details
  • Compilation of many Death Knight know-hows to get you started
  • List of recommended leveling equipment from level 55-70 for each level

Quest Walkthroughs: Kick start and prepare yourself with a selection of Death Knight quest in
Wrath of the Lich King. Details provided for each of the selected quest in the WoW WotLK Death
Knight preparation guide include maximum experience available for that quest, the pre-requisites, the
location and other quest specific information.

Scrolls and other consumables: Get details on the recommended consumables, including potions,
elixirs and many others. Curious about the stats and benefits of each recommended item? This Warth
of the Lich King preparation guide provides you with the stats and usefulness for each of the item

Death Knight Know-Hows: Besides recommended items, equipment, selection of quest, discover
other Death Knight know-hows featured in this World of Warcraft WotLK Death Knight preparation

Leveling equipment: Read up on recommended leveling equipment from level 55-70. Everything
from head gear to trinkets and enchants, the WoW WotLK Death Knight prep guide offers not only a
list of the recomendations but also information about each item.
WoW Wrath of the Lich King Guide
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Wrath of the Lich King Guide
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