Guild Alliances & Enemies
When your guild reaches the uber status, alliances and enemies will naturally present themselves.
Careful decision making and interactions with these other guilds are important.

There are many schools of thoughts to alliances. However, my definition of an ally is a friend.
Someone who thinks, prepares, plays and enjoys the game much like yourself and your guild.
Someone you enjoy conversing, interacting with and associating with as well. Someone who has the
same standards, rules of conduct, expectations and personality as your guild. Someone that is
worthy of an invitation to your guild except that they have dedication and obligations to their own

There are many guilds that are part of a coalition and others that boast of many allies. However,
many of them don't even play together, interact together or stick for each other. In that sense of the
word, that alliance is meaningless.

Alliances should not be something that comes by often. It must be of mutual benefit to both parties
assuming both parties interact and see eye to eye in the first place. A power leveling guild is not
going to see eye to eye with one that follows story arcs and role playing.

It is important to have alliance for a variety of reasons.

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