"GNF" is 24 year old aspiring comic artist from NYC currently under the training of people in the DC and
Marvel comic industry. As Guildhelper's first artist, he provided all the penciling and inking of our early
commissions. GNF will turn professional very soon but he still fine-tuning his artwork at this time.

GNF's art has been described as realistic with a classical style providing extremely detailed characters and
background. He will provide occasional commission work here at GNF is currently on
limited availability for commission work due to personal projects/business/school.
The Guildhelper Art Team
Juan Vlasco is Marvel's New X-Men current inker. In March 2007, he joined the Guildhelper Art Team for
MMORPG related commissioned portraits. As the inker of one of Marvel's top comics, he is also crammed
with deadlines. On his free days, he is available for Guildhelper portrait artwork.
"Kenchin Batosai" is currently a Top Cow comic artist on various projects. He started working for in March of 2007.

His unique rough style makes him an idea candidate for World of Warcraft artwork. A few of Kenchin's
artwork will be up shortly.
Thomas Mason has been a professional colorist for Marvel and DC for many years. He joined his vibrant and
stunning color scheme. Somehow, he makes the artwork look even better.

When Thomas is not busy, he is available for Guildhelper's MMORPG related commissioned portraits.
"Illidan" is a 26 year old professional comic artist currently working for DC Comics and Top Cow Comics on
various projects. He has been in the comic industry for a few years and has started working for On days
when he is not drawing and trying to beat the deadline, he is doing Guildhelper artwork.

Illidan has a unique and exaggerated style that many people love. The female characters portrayed in his
artwork and style are both stunning beautiful, sexy yet powerful and vulnerable. Have "Illidan" draw your
favorite MMORPG character now! He is available!
Juan Vlasco-penciler/inker
Thomas Mason-colorist
Kenchin Batosai-penciler/inker
Genzoman is the one of the most sought after fantasy artist these days. He's worked on many professional
recently joined Guildhelper to provide fantasy portraits to fans of Warcraft, Lord of the Ring and similar

Genzoman has a unique fantasy style with vibrant color that many people love. His portraits are unique and
beautiful, capturing the essence of the fantasy world and the spirit of the character.