MMORPG Team Communication
Communication is the most important essence of team work. To achieve communication is not an
easy thing. There are various forms of team communication and some of it will be outlined here.
Basic elements of  communication can be broken down into

  • Verbal communication
  • Keyboard Communication
  • Listening
  • Follow the Leader
  • Planning Ahead

While the Team player guide describe all of the above in detail, one of the most basic but crucial is
Listening. If you or your teammates don't listen, then none of the above principles of communication
will work.

The above sections describe methods of communication. However, if everyone is busy talking and no
one is listening, communication is worthless and not achieved. Therefore, it is also important to stress
the other part and if not more important part of communication. LISTENING! The one thing that
makes more teams break apart and make your game enjoyment miserable is that one person who does
not listen and ruins the game for everyone else. So let me stress this. The secret to being a good team
member is to listen, listen and listen.

Listening involves the process of hearing the message, understanding the message and performing
according to the message. So if there is a breakdown in any of the three steps, then listening is not
achieved. Therefore to listen you must

Hear the Message
  • Make sure you have your teamspeak speakers are loud and clear
  • Make sure you have your team chat/guild chat up and easily accessible.
  • Make sure you don’t have any distractions (loud music/noise if using teamspeak, multiple
    distracting windows, etc)
  • Make sure you can read the message. (adjust the text size/font/color)

Understand the Message
  • Make sure you understand the macros
  • Make sure you understand the abbreviations and team lingo used (general terms such as aggro,
    pulling, anchoring, or gaming/computer lingo such as pwned, OMW, BRB, AFK, etc. SEE
  • Make sure you and your team mate are speaking the same language (sounds funny but the
    MMORPG world is international)

Perform the Message
  • Attempt to perform the task required of you.
  • If told to gather as a group, make an attempt to gather if possible. This is usually for group
    heals, group buffs such as endurance boost, attack/defense bonus or resistance.
  • If you’ve been informed who’s the target, target that enemy.
  • If an anchoring target has been chosen, then don’t kill that anchor. (Read anchoring)
  • If an enemy has been pulled, attacked the pulled enemy. (Read pulling)
  • If a trap, surprise attack or a warning has been given, then stop and regroup.

Of course it’s impossible to list of all the possible ways to hear, understand and perform. Hopefully
the above examples can help you understand the importance of communication in a team. More
importantly, if you don’t understand the message, then ask questions so you can learn.

You can learn more in our Team Player Guide.
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