Guild Conduct & Expectations
Rules of Conduct are vital in any uber MMORPG guilds. Etiquette and proper behavior should be
required among all members of the guild to promote respect and courtesy among guild members.
What you say and do can be easily misinterpreted in any online format so it is very important that
members maintain proper mature conduct between guild members, alliance members and the general
gaming community.

Misconduct and inappropriate behavior will impact negatively on the guild as a whole. Therefore, you
should stress proper conduct among all members of your guild and be prepare to kick misbehaving
members. If you don't have the will to kick members, you should have a conduct/conflict officer
who is prepare to make the hard decisions.

There is no place for cursing in any uber guild. Sure we all slip a curse when we get killed or are
frustrated but when it becomes excessive or frequent, the member should be warned or kicked.
Improper etiquette only brings a negative and hostile atmosphere to the guild environment and should
be avoided. Cursing should never be seen on any community or global chat. Furthermore, many of
your older members may have children near by or watching. My recommendations are to keep it PG
13 in a group setting and anything goes in private.

Foul Play
Members who actively perform activity for the sole purpose to ruining another's gaming fun should
be warned or kicked. Such activities such as monster pulling, teleporting one to a hazardous zone,
camping a spawning area in PvP, and cheating have no role in an uber MMORPG guild setting. This
type of foul play only brings a negative impact to the hard work you put forth to your guild.

Stalking/Sexual Harassment/Misconduct of Sexual Nature
Members who engage in any harassment behavior of a sexual nature should be kicked out
immediately. Your MMORPG guild has no room for any predators, perverts or stalkers of any nature.
Not only does it negatively impact on your guild public image and reputation, it also will cause an
increase number of member departures from your guild if this type of behavior is tolerated. My
recommendations are to be firm with this anyone misbehaving in this particular aspect and to deal
with the matter privately and swiftly before it becomes a big issue.

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