Guild Contests & Ideas
Contests are a fun way of keeping your guild active while having fun at the same time. There are
many types of contest one can hold for your guild. They can be in-game contest and out of game
contests. You can be sure to receive a lot of attention, curiosity and participation if this is done and
timed correctly.

The Costume Contest
In many MMORPG, the ability to change costume and uniform is fun. The variation is often endless
and the combination can sometimes be outstanding. Holding a contest of this nature can bring out the
most imaginative members while having some plain old fun. Prizes can be earned and laughter shared
when you decide who has the ugliest costume, the scariest or even the sexiest. Consider holding a
contest for your guild uniform/color code.

PvP Contest
Player vs. Player exists in almost every MMORPG. Holding a contest of this nature will bring out the
competitive edge and spirit in your members. The guild benefits because everyone loves a contest to
determine who the best is. You benefit by knowing who the best PvP player in your guild is for
future combat. Consider elimination style bracket, tag team brawls, or royal rumble. The possibilities
are endless.

You can find more examples and details about guild contests in the Guildhelper Creation
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