Guild Role-Playing Events
Role-playing is one of the essential reasons why people play MMORPG. Players want to dive into
their character mode and act, think and behave as their character while they are in their fantasy world.
One of the treasures you can have for your guild is to establish some role-playing events. With the
limited and predictable contents in the game, having out of game events and contents provides new
excitement and curiosity among your members. So if you have the time and the right officers, holding
a few role-playing events can go a long way.

There are endless possibilities to what type of role-playing you can provide to your members. It gets
even better when you can tie in in-game contents to your out of game contents. There are some
popular role-playing themes that many guild uses. Here is a list of some popular ones.

You can learn some specific guild events by clicking on the management articles below.
You can learn a lot more about Guild Role-Playing Events by purchasing our Guild Creation Guide.
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Halloween Event and other holiday Themed Events
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