Frequently Asked Questions
What is GuildHelper and its goals?
Guildhelper is the MMORPG Central for guild creation, management, graphics and artwork. It was
established in 2006 primarily as a reference source and hub for all uber MMORPG guilds. With so
many MMORPGs, establishing and maintaining a quality guild has been increasingly difficult.
Guildhelper's goals are to assist in the creation and management of guilds and provide new and
essential services such as graphics, templates, guides and artwork to guilds. Other future goals
include serving as an area for communication with other uber guilds of other MMORPG, establishing
a forum for Q & A, and providing artwork/portraits for guilds and individual players.  

What is the Guild Creation Guide?
The Guildhelper Creation Guide is the first Guildhelper guide to help you establish and maintain an
uber MMORPG guild. It comes with detailed description in guild rules, expectations, officer selection,
guild events including scripts of sample role playing events. This guide also includes info on guild
media and website creation. This guide is applicable to all MMORPG and is frequently updated.

I never received my GH Creation Guide/Team Helper Guide. What happened?
First check your email address you listed under your Paypal account. That is the email address we
will ship to unless specified. If your PayPal email address differs from your current email address,
you need to let us know. Next, check your BULK or SPAM mail box, sometimes, our emails will end
up there. Furthermore,  if your Paypal payment needs time to be verified then we will
not send the product until the process is completed. Please contact us at
for other issues

What type of artwork or services does GuildHelper provide?
Guildhelper provides a variety of commissioned artwork. Artwork varies from forum signatures, to
banners, buttons, borders, web templates to avatars to detailed artwork of guild or characters.

How do I commission a piece of artwork/portrait for my guild or my character?
1. Submit an order form with a screenshot and detailed description of what you are expecting.
2. Expect an email confirming your order and expected time of delivery
3. 50% Deposit is required
4. Artwork begins. Initial Layout/pencils will be emailed for approval
5.A detailed pencil is sent for approval. Once approved, no more structural changes can take place.
5. Once penciling is approved, the remaining balance is needed.
6. Inking and coloring takes place.
7. Finished picture will be emailed. (Banner, avatar, signatures will be sent)
8. Artwork will be shipped (Detailed artwork)
Please read
artwork process for more details.

Why do you need the remaining balance after pencils?
Unfortunately, one bad apple ruins it for the rest of the crowd. We've been burned once by a non-
paying customer despite full service. In order to provide just compensation for Guildhelper and its
artists for the hard work, this policy has taken into effect for all past, present, and future orders. So
we require payment before we initiate any art/graphic service.

How long is the expected wait for artwork/portrait?
Expect 5-9 weeks time from ordering to delivery. During high demands, high volume work
load or unexpected circumstances, the waiting period may be even longer. We apologize for the wait.

How do I commission graphics, banner, web templates for my guild?
1)Submit an order form
2)Expect an email regarding your preliminary order and procedures explained.
3)Once your confirmation letter is received, a paypal invoice will be sent.
3)100% payment is required at this time since you are paying for a service
4)Graphics creation begins
5)Finished banner will be presented for review and revision as needed
6)Once banner is approved, web template creation begins.
7)Finished Template will be presented for review and revision as needed

How long is the wait for Banners? Template?
Banners typically take 1-10 days to create. However due to high volume or unexpected circumstance,
this can be delayed an additional 1-4 weeks. Templates are created afterwards and can take an
additional 1-20 days after.

How do I pay Guildhelper for artwork or guides?
Guildhelper relies on Paypal for all payments and transactions. You can purchase our products via the
Buy Now PayPal buttons or commission our services and receive an invoice from us. Thru Paypal,
you can access your bank account or credit card for funding. Start an account today!
Go to PayPal

What is Guildhelper's refunding policy?
Guildhelper has a full non-refunding policy on all guides, artwork and graphic orders. Since PDF files
and images are easily copied once transmitted, there are no return or refund on guides once sent.
Furthermore, since much time and preparation takes place for artwork and graphics, there are no
refunds and returns on those orders as well. Our policy is that you are paying for the time and the
service needed to produce the product. However, if we feel that our performance has not been
superb secondary to delay or miscommunication, etc OR if we later turning down a project, then we
may grant partial to full refund. (This has rarely occurred and its up to our own discretion)

What if I am not happy with the artwork, graphics or template?
We will do everything we can that is reasonable to make sure you are satisfied from the first step to
the last step. Therefore, it is critical that you provide us details about what you want. Screenshots,
reference pictures and detailed text are encouraged. Revisions of the graphics and artwork is
common so we do expect it. However, If there is still a difference in opinion despite multiple
revisions, a refund will not be granted since service has been provided. Unfortunately, sometimes
people will not see eye to eye regarding artwork and sometimes, it is the client who changes what
they want in mid-progress. To the 1% of our dissatisfied customers, we apologize that you did not
like our work but great effort was put into it.

What if i have a problem with something else?
If there are any unforseen problems, we will do our best to resolve those issues. Please contact us at
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