The MMORPG Guild Portrait Gallery
Welcome to Guild Portrait, your MMORPG central for guild artwork, portraits and comics. Do you want
to "Pwn" your MMO character and capture your guild experience? Now you can translate your online experience
into beautiful art. Immortalize your World of Warcraft character on print or capture the fun with your City of
Heroes teammates. GuildPortrait/Guildhelper has a team of unique comic and fantasy artists who can meet your
needs for a professional character or guild portrait. You choose the artist and the style of your liking. We offer
the same super quality at the same low price. Check out our artists and samples below!
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The Latest Portraits-click for full view
Fantasy Comic Style Artist- "Illidan"
"Illidan" is a 28 year old
professional comic artist currently
working for Marvel, DC Comics
and Top Cow Comics on various
projects. He has been in the comic
industry for a few years and has
started working for Guildhelper
and for
MMORPG related commissioned
artwork and portraits since
November 2006. On days when
he is not drawing and trying to
beat the deadline, he is doing
Guildhelper artwork or playing
World of Warcraft.

Illidan has a unique and beautifully
exaggerated style that many comic
lovers prefer. The female
characters portrayed in his
artwork and are beautiful,
stunning and powerful, yet sexy
and vulnerable.

Have "Illidan" draw your favorite
MMORPG character now! He is
Guest Artists
Other Guest Artists
Drew Moss
Penny Riviera
Fantasy Style Artist -"Genzoman"
Genzoman is the one of the most
sought after fantasy artist. He's
worked on many professional
fantasy protraits to gaming cards.
He is the art editor of the
top-selling South American trading
gaming card Myths and Legends
(similar to Magic:The gathering)
and currently working on World
of Warcraft trading cards. He
joined Guildhelper in 2007 to
provide fantasy portraits to fans
of Warcraft, Lord of the Ring and
similar MMORPG's.

Genzoman has a unique fantasy
style with vibrant color that many
people love. His digital painting
portraits are unique and beautiful,
capturing the essence of the
fantasy world and the spirit of the
Classical Comic Style -"GNF"
"GNF" is 24 year old aspiring
comic artist from NYC currently
under the training of people in the
DC and Marvel comic industry.
As Guildhelper's first artist, he
provided all the penciling and
inking of our early commissions.
GNF will turn professional very
soon but he still fine-tuning his
artwork at this time.

GNF's art has been described as
realistic and heroic with a classical
style providing extremely detailed
characters and background. He
will provide occasional
commission work here at GNF is
currently on limited availability for
commission work due to personal
projects and school.
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