Guild Hierarchy
The guild leaders and officers have a duty to maintain the guild. However, the social roles of the guild
members are also important. By cherishing your role in the guild, you can help make your guild
better, smarter, prettier and stronger. Learn which guild role suits you and understand your
responsibilities and how people will judge you.

Most people in the guild are considered soldiers. The soldiers are the players who can be rely upon
for all guild event and missions. They often see their role in the guild as limited and mainly as support.
However, they also get to enjoy the fruits and benefits of the guild as members. Soldiers are those
members in the guild that play the game primarily for the game content and for fun. Asides from that
common goal, there will be a variety of different soldiers a guild will encounter.
The best soldiers are those who are reliable and consistent in game activity. The soldier should
understand all the tactics and understand their role in the team hierarchy. Because there are so many
soldiers in the guild, their value is judged mostly on their game play. The strength and value of the
soldier is defined by their understanding of the game and their actions in combat and teams. No one
wants to play with a selfish player or a newbie. On the other hand, everyone wants to play with a
brave reliable soldier who understands his role in the team.
If you find that you are the soldier in a guild. Then refine your game play skills and learn the various
tactics important to your MMORPG. Remain loyal and obedient to your guild goals and you will enjoy
the benefit of the guild.            

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