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Guildhelper introduces some new graphical services for your MMORPG needs. We can now provide
the following:

Forum Signature Banner -$100
  • We will create a standard signature banner for your forum usage. Just send us a few
    screenshots of your avatar and describe what you want as the background image. Then
    provide us the text needed (name, level, class, guild, slogan). We can even incoporate some
    lighting effect on your banner.

Simple Guild Logos -$50
  • We can create a simple unique guild logo or an individual log for your website. Just send us
    screenshots or provide us details about what you want your logo to be.

Simple Background Images -$50
  • Need a background image for your site? Many of our Guildportal clients prefer a customized
    background image. An example of a simple background image would be a brick wall with
    bullet holes that is compatible with the template and banner.

HTML website Customization -cost and time may vary
  • Creating your own website from scratch is a difficult challenge. Its generally more time
    consuming and financially more costly sometimes running into the thousands. However, the
    end result is your very own site. We can make it a little easier for you to reach this goal.
    Commission our graphic website team to design your website. Customize quote and rate will
    be given depending on the complexity of the site. To lessen cost, you can purchase a HTML
    template here and have us edit some of the areas.

FLASH Banners/Introduction -cost and time may vary
  • Flash banners can be very complex and does take some time to complete. Most work dealing
    with Flash can run you into the hundreds to thousands depending on complexity. At, we are dedicated in providing you and your guild affordable graphical
    services for your needs. If you are interested in providing your site with a beautiful intricate
    Flash Banner or Introduction, then write to us and we'll give you the availability and the
    estimate cost. One alternative is to purchase a Flash intro here.
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MMORPG Guild Website Template, Banner & Graphics
Welcome to the Guild Website Template, Banner and Graphics Pages. Creating a website on any guild
hosting website can be a challenging task for anyone. Most Guild leader have a certain look and style that
they envision on their guild website but they are not proficient enough in Adobe Photoshop or they don't
understand CSS well enough to create the look they want. Now you can create a website the way you
envision it to be. Commission our website graphic artists at to
revamp and customize your MMORPG guild website!! Check out our samples and our previous works.
We are recommended by several guild hosting sites like,,
Hundreds of guilds served so far.

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