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(Note: The vast majority of this guide
consists of class guides for every single
class in AoC.)
Age of Conan Guide #1
Age of Conan
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Level to 80 Faster and Easier
The truth about Age of Conan, as well as every other MMO on the market, is that the process
to hit the end game level isn't as easy as you might hope but it is a lot faster and easier in AoC.

They all start out very promising, allowing you to gain levels very fast, and then it just tapers off
and becomes a long process of steep leveling curves.

AoC itself doesn't participate in the steep curves to level.

By the steep leveling curves I mean the amount of EXP required to reach the next level and how
it exponentially jumps up a lot to reach the next level.

It generally starts off allowing you to level very fast and then at a certain level the EXP jumps up
at a faster and faster rate until you're grinding for a week or more just for one level.

Funcom Doesn't Want You To Know This...

... and they will never let you know this. Why you ask? Well it's all about the big money. The
less you know about leveling, the more you play, and the more money Funcom gets.

Every month they're making roughly $120 Million in monthly subscriber fees alone. If you've
seen any of their official guide books then you know that they don't reveal anything you
couldn't find out in a week of playing around.

They might list all the items in the game but it is obsolete in a month because they add patches
with new content and items, as well as change stats and character builds.

At this point if you bought the guide that was released with the game nothing would make sense!

No Cheats, No Hacks, 100% Legal
There are absolutely no cheats and no hacks in this guide. Everything you do is all you. I have
the fastest, most efficient path charted out.

All you have to do is follow it, have fun, and level faster than ever before. You'll be leveling
so fast that people will swear you are cheating. That is where you can have even more fun.

When someone asks how you are xx level so fast, just tell them you're hacking. They might
report you but the GM will know you're not. =)
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