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Age of Conan Guide #2
Age of Conan
AoC Assassin
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When You Get The Age of Conan Ultimate Gold Guide, Here are Just Some of the Things You
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  • Extremely effective ways for lower level players to earn gold, even if you're just getting
  • I explain in detail everything you have to know about the strategies of building your own
    empire in AoC. My guide is loaded with secrets taken directly from the Chinese Farmers
    books that they don't want you to know of! There is no faster way to make gold.  This is
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  • It's about time you start making your own gold and putting the Chinese Farmers out of
  • Every strategy in my guide is tested and proven to work or your money back! This gold
    guide is focused only on getting you filthy rich and not on leveling. Other guides show
    only 1 page of gold strategies that everyone else already knows of... "farm "X" in "X" for
  • Be the first in your server to own a guild, city, fortress all because you (the guild leader)
    owns the whole server.
  • No other guild will ever take your land because you will have equipped your guild's
    warriors with the best gear in AoC.
  • In addition to the gold guide, there are 4 bonus guides and a crafting guide that explains
    how to use every single craft.
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