City of Heroes Power Leveling/Strategy/Influence Guide
The City of Heroes Guide is an advanced reference that focuses
on proven builds, detailed leveling walk-throughs and rewarding
ways to gather influence. Make yourself familiar with the little
tricks and hints applied by CoH veterans to level faster and defeat
stronger enemies:

Highlights of the City of Heroes Guide:
  • Secret leveling locations from 1 to 50
  • How to make more influence than you could ever spend
  • Character creation guide for new and advanced players
  • The hidden mechanics of the combat system
  • Efficient tactics against every type of villain
  • Powersets in detail
  • Cutting-edge soloing strategies
  • How to play a grouped character. Flawless.

City of Heroes Leveling: Our City of Heroes Strategy Guide
provides you with a thorough quick leveling guide up to level 50
with all locations you have to visit, all missions that have to be
accomplished and the character changing measures that have to
be taken along the way. In addition you are furnished with
information about every individual zone and strategies enabling
you to take down even the nastiest villain.

City of Heroes Influence: Influence is your currency while
wandering around on the world of City of Heroes and it's not that
easy to come by. The Influence section in our CoH Strategy
Guide does not only show you some effective ways of earning
Influence, it also gives you tips on Influence management
showing you the right times to purchase Enhancements and
giving you recommendations on what to consider when doing so.

CoH Characters: The CoH Strategy Guide includes a character
creation section with an overview of each archetype's abilities
and uses for group and solo playing, thus making it easy for you
to choose a character build that suits your playing style from the

City of Heroes Villains: The author supplies you with a list of all
different types of foes that you will encounter throughout the
game, their individual powers and strategies on how to deal with
them. You'll also learn to divide your enemies into different
categories and recognize at a glance how easy they will be to
defeat for your individual character.

City of Heroes Combat: The City of Heroes Guide's combat
section gives you a broad overview on the way the 'Brawl Index'
works, the different damage types you can cause, such as
Smashing, Fire, Energy, Toxic up to even Psionic damage,
divides them into damage styles such as melee or AoE and shows
you the different defence types. Ultimately our CoH Strategy
Guide includes a further section with the different types of status
attacks, what they do and gives recommendations on which to
choose when building your character. Our up-to-date CoH
Strategy guide also includes a thorough overview about every
attack any archetype can dish out with stats for endurance cost,
activation time, range, damage etc. on 30+ pages for each

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course
included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you
will receive a notification. Just log into your account and
download the update for free!
City of Heroes
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