The Unofficial Dungeons and Dragons Stormreach Strategy Guide
is an 87-page strategy resource for DDO players from
Game Guide
Online. It covers a wide range of topics including secrets,
character generation, skills, spells, enhancements, feats, character
progression charts, quest maps, combat strategy, and more!

DDO Stormreach has wonderful depth, tons of adventures, and
unmatched character customization. Conquer Dungeons and
Dragons Online and unlock your full potential!

The Unofficial DDO Stormreach Strategy Guide includes:
  • Complete Adventures! Complete adventure strategy for
    several quests in Dungeons and Dragons Online. Want to
    know where every secret door and chest are? Strategy for
    defeating difficult bosses? How to solo the early harbor
    quests? It's all here! Any adventures added to the guide will
    be yours to download free.
  • Weapons and Combat Strategy: Find out what every weapon
    statistic means and specific strategies for close combat,
    attacking with ranged weapons, spells, and general fighting
  • Skills in Detail: This section examines and analyses every
    skill in the game. If you're unsure if a skill is right for your
    character, check out detailed explanations.
  • Enhancements and Feats: A complete directory of feats and
    enhancements organized into related categories.
  • The Basics: Learn about every feature in Dungeons and
    Dragons Online. This section explains active combat,
    adventures, common misconceptions, interface elements
    and using voice chat.
  • Your Character: Understand the fundamental concepts of
    ability scores, saves, armor class, base attack bonus, spells,
    skills, and feats. Build the ultimate multiclass juggernaut!
  • Races and Classes: Everything you need to know about
    races and classes including bonuses, feats, and progression
  • Bard, Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, Wizard and Sorcerer Spell
    Lists: Every spell in Stormreach cataloged with damage,
    durations, and descriptions.
  • Free Updates: Anytime the Unofficial Stormreach Strategy
    Guide is updated, you get the update free -- for the life of
    the guide!
  • Immediate Download: All our guides are available
    immediately after purchase. Get an edge on the competition!
The Unofficial Dungeons and Dragons Online Stormreach Strategy
Guide is only $19.99, spans 89 pages, includes free updates, and is
immediately available upon purchase. Buy it now and get ahead in
the game!
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