Killer Guides currently offer 3 Guild Wars guides for beginner and
veteran players alike. Our team of 2 GW writers compiled these
GW strategy guides and constantly updates them. Originally
starting out with our Guild Wars Elementalist Guide we added and
continue to add well researched and organized content that allows
you to advance faster. From the Guild Wars Elementalist Guide to
our Guild Wars Mesmer Guide we try to cover know-how that
gives you not only a better understanding of Guild Wars, but also
helps to propell you ahead within minutes after you downloaded the

Our cutting-edge guides are authored and co-authored by
professional writers, community site moderators and raid guild
leaders. Killer Guides aims to be number one destination for players
looking for a top-end GW guide. And we invest heavily into
research and writers to ensure we get and stay there.

With the Guild Wars Complete Guide Package you can get all the
guides in this category, including all future Guild Wars guide
releases and updates for a single one-time payment. It currently
includes 3 Guild Wars strategy guides that offer a wealth of
information for all parts of GW. The over 261 pages of Guild Wars
hints and strategies are a must have for every serious player.

Highlights of the Guild Wars Elementalist Guide:
  • Hidden leveling spots and strategies from level 1 to 20
  • From Aeromancers to Pyromancers the most effective
  • An Elementalist spell encyclopedia
  • The complete elite skill capturing index
  • A no-nonsense guide to armor for PvP and PvE encounters
  • An analysis of the most powerful Elementalist weapons
  • How to make up to 10,000 gold per hour as Elementalist

Highlights of the Guild Wars Mesmer Guide:
  • Hidden leveling spots and strategies from level 1 to 20
  • The 4 most powerful Mesmer themes and how they work
  • How to find the right equipment for your Mesmer
  • A profound guide to Mesmer attributes
  • Locations and mob spawns for all Mesmer elite skills
  • Class-specific PvP counter-strategies
  • Mesmer money making tactics that yield 10,000 gold per

Highlights of the Guild Wars Gold Guide:
  • Make up to 10,000 gold per hour
  • The top 10 hunting locations for gold
  • Detailed mission walk-throughs
  • A guide to unlocking runs for towns and outposts
  • Newbie guide: How to leave pre-searing Ascalon with more
    than 1000 gold
  • How to cut your expenses in half with a few hardly known
  • No risk methods: Make a fortune without killing a single mob
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