Are you being out-leveled by your friends and foes? Wondering if it is
the skill or gear that you are missing? Looking for the most effective
way to solo and earn gold? If you’re looking for answers to one of
these questions, look no further. The Lord of the Rings Online
Champion guide is one of the most comprehensive and efficient
guides for the Lord of the Rings Online Champion class. Utilize this
powerful tool to not only level, but to gain insights into skills, traits,
equipments, and high level game play. This guide for LotRO
Champions is the quintessential piece to the puzzle for making the
ultimate Champion.
LOTR Guide
Lord of the Rings Online Guides
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Always running low on gold? Never seem to have enough gold to
afford critted gear in the Auction Hall? Not earning enough gold to
finance your equipment can be frustrating, especially if you are
short on time or patience. Don't let this problem hold you back.
The Lord of the Rings Online Gold guide is your first step into
making an abundant pool of gold. No longer you will have to
endlessly farm mobs. The guide will take you to another level of
gold making mastery.
Leveling takes up too much time? You're wasting countless hours
trying to earn gold while others walk away as rich Guardians?
Have you ever dreamt of some killer prestige gear? The Lord of the
Rings Online Guardian guide has the answers you are seeking. This
comprehensive guide for the Guardian class has everything you
need to know from character creation to leveling and having great
success in the endgame.
How do you get your hunter to level 50 as fast as possible? What's
the right way to solo a hunter? What skill should you get? How can
you make enough gold to finance your dream equipment? The
Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide tackles these questions with
professional insights and killer how-to's from our game experts.
Covering everything from the basics to advanced strategies, the
LotRO Hunter Guide is a reference book, capable of turning an
average hunter into a fearsome killing machine.
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