Vangaurd: Saga of Heroes Gold Guide
Never find a great harvesting location before it's already camped
by half the server? Unable to afford the equipment that would
make leveling so much easier? Looking for new, creative ways of
making gold? Then the Vanguard Gold Guide can help you out.
From traditional farming to sophisticated crafting and trading
strategies, the guide explains the fundamental concepts used by
the Vanguard pros. With the Vanguard Gold Guide, you will learn
how to make quick cash right from the start and how to make a
real killing with a mid- and high-level character

Highlights of the Vangaurd Gold Guide:
  • Explore adventuring farming locations from start to level
    50. Make more than 30 gold per hour on average!
  • Discover the best harvesting spots Throughout all
    continents and levels
  • Learn the secret of making quick gold with the game's
    crafting and exchange systems.
  • Get the best insider powerleveling strategies currently
  • No risk methods: New to Vanguard? No problem. Make
    up to 10 silver an hour right after taking the game out of
    the box

Start way ahead of competition: Get a head start over your
friends and foes. Equip yourselves with better equipment and
spare cash right from the start. Take advantage of the best paying
quests as the author walks you through them step by step. The
Vanguard Gold Guide shows you the most efficient way to make
extra gold while you get started in the world of Telon.

Farming strategies: Make the most out of your combat
experience by fighting in locations that will fill your character's
wallet as you advance from level 1 to 50. The Vanguard Gold
Guide not only offers the top farming spots for every level range,
but also recommends the right quests that make your grinding
more effective and less boring.

Gold by harvesting: Discover the 500 best farming locs, sorted
by continent, area and resource, hand-picked according to
respawn rate and level of competition. This one of a kind
reference is invaluable to anyone who plans to spend any amount
of time gathering resources. Benefit from the guide's
comprehensive location table and find every single harvesting
resource you need. Tired of overcrowded camps? Follow the
author guidance to find the best location few people know.

Making gold from other players: The Vanguard Gold Guide
offers ways to turn helping into a profitable enterprise. Be one of
the first players to apply those strategies systematically and soon
you'll profit of whole new income sources.

Gold by trading and exchange: Learn the mechanics of the
exchange inside out. Play the market, and find out which items
hold true profit potential. Follow this guideline right away to stop
missing out on possible income. On top of that a quick-
investment guide shows you how to make gold in Vanguard: The
Saga of Heroes the smart way.

Every penny saved is a penny earned: In Vanguard: Saga of
Heroes, you can cut your expenses in half while maintaining the
same level of efficiency with your character. Gain an insight into
the game mechanics to find out what really counts and what's
just fluff.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course
included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you
will receive a notification. Just log into your account and
download the update for free!
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
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