"My guide contains the same leveling strategies, questing patterns,
techniques, and secrets I have used to get the best record time to level 60
on a new server, which is 4 days 20 hours /played!  The realm I have
achieved this on was the Jubei'Thos server, and I am currently getting
prepared to set records for 1-70! I've either play a male character named
Mancow or a female character named Joana. I have been first to 60 now
on 6 different servers, one of my goals with World of Warcraft is to get to
60 (or 70 now) on new servers with the least amount of /played time
possible, this means each time I went to 60 in WoW I have been revising
my routes in order to achieve a better /played time. So far my best time is
4 days 20 hours /played time to 60, this was done on the Jubei'Thos realm.
I have this entire 4 day 20 hour run RECORDED, the whole thing is
recorded and implemented into my guide! I was the first to 50 in the race
to 50 leveling contest Blizzard held last year."

Joanas WoW Horde Power Leveling Guide is excellent for those who
are looking to level fast and efficient without using any cheat or
exploit. The guide includes maps, references, selected quests,
general strategies and all the secrets needed to level Orc, Troll,
Undead, Tauren, and Blood Elves! For more info click below. Guide
sells for $37
WoW Guide-Horde Power Leveling Guide
World of Warcraft Guides
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