Dugi's Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

Thanks to this powerful guide package over 12,356 WoW Gamers world wide have save time,
money and gain more fun with World of Warcraft.

"Dugi's Ultimate Guide Offers Complete Package Of 1-80 Leveling & Class Guide, Gold &
Profession Guide And PVP Strategies Guide"

"Stop Running Around Broke And Not Knowing What To Do

...AND Dominate Other Players In PVP

Leveling your 1-80 Character
Everybody have to start at Level 1 with their brand new account, your biggest obstacle right now is
how to level your character the maximum level of 80. This can literaly take you months, my very first
character took 2 months to level to 60.

Right now you don't really need gold to buy things, because your gear will continously be replaced
with higher level gear which will be given to you through questing alone.

We have developed a great system that is easy to follow to show you Step-By-Step how to level your
character 1-60, 60-70 and 70-80 the FASTEST way possible. For more information about our
Leveling Guide click the link below.

Step #2  Funding your Character
Now that you have reached your maximum level, you will need GOLD and lots of it!

This is required to finely tune your character to get the best gear possible so you can conquer the
dungeons and dominate in PVP and also to level your Profession. For more information about our
Gold & Profession click the link below.

Step #3 Dominating other players PVP
If you're like me, you will take the most pleasure from dominating the opposite faction in
battlegrounds, arena or even while you're questing.

You might want to consider learning about PVP early if you started your character in a PVP server,
because you can be sure that there will be a lot of players that will try to ruin your day while you're
questing. Fore more information about our PVP Strategies click the link below.
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World of Warcraft Guides
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