WoW Guide-Alliance Power Leveling Guide
"Finally the only 1-70 Alliance Guide there is written by a professional
Gamer. This is just like Joana/Mancow's Horde Guide except for the
Alliance. I listed every coordinate on everything and linked all quests. This
guide will allow you to get an alliance character from 1-60 in under 5 days
to 7 days /played time solo and from 60-70 in 3-5 days. I have a starting
guide for Night Elves, Humans, Gnomes/Dwarf, and Draenei so any
race/class can use this guide. There are no exploits or cheats in my guide.
It seems like you need cheats to level that fast but you don't.

Most of you know my name is Brian Kopp.  I've been playing World of
Warcraft since the day it was publicly released. I hit 60 by Christmas and I
studied all the quests and areas while I did it. I made myself an expert on
the games quest layout. I kept leveling up new characters over the last year
and I came up with a "set in stone" pattern that can get you to 70 in the
fastest possible time, or if you want to know what quests are good and
what to avoid this will greatly help. I also made this guide for you to level
all alone. Yep solo 1-70 because I got sick of relying on others for quests
throughout the game. Not to mention you'll be so far ahead of them all if
you're speed leveling that you couldn't group. This game was designed to
solo if you wanted to. There aren't many quests you can't solo, and those
you can't solo can be skipped without any penalty or finished later. I
usually play on the character Agent (if I can get it on new servers first) or
the name Slotterhouse (Slaughter House)"

Brian Kopps' Alliance Power Leveling Guide is excellent for those
who are looking to level fast and efficient without using any cheat or
exploit. The guide includes maps, references, selected quests, general
strategies and all the secrets needed to level Shamans, Rogues,
Druids, Hunters, Mages, Paladins, Priests, Warriors, and Warlocks !
For more info click below. Guide sells for $35
World of Warcraft Guides
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