WoW Guide-Burning Crusade Guide
Are you looking for the ultimate leveling break-down to reach
level 70 faster than anyone else? Do you want to make a fortune
with hidden gold farming spots in Outland? Do you like the idea
of a thorough expansion walk-through that tells you exactly
which quests to complete in which order and how? Then the
World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Guide might be what you are
looking for.

Highlights of the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Guide
  • How to reach level 70 in record time with quests alone and
    with a surplus of 1700 gold on top. And all that without
    grinding a single mob.
  • Discover the secrets of each and every instance with
    detailed mini-guides including each and every boss mob
  • The top 5 wow gold making methods in the Burning
    Crusade expansion - revealed and explained step-by-step
  • An overview of new spells for every class
  • How to avoid the biggest reputation mistakes and whether
    you should choose Aldor or Scryers
  • Find your way around Outland with a detailed zone guide
    that includes towns, outposts and infrastructure
  • Want to dominate the new battleground? The PvP strategy
    section shows you how.
  • An insider map to a path of items, gold and xp quests that
    takes you all the way up to 70.

Burning Crusade Newbie Guide: Starting out as Draenei or
Blood Elf? A guide to the new races, traits, starting zones and
expansion basics gives you a jump start. Already got a high level
character? Then the WoW Burning Crusade Guide prepares you
for your travels with a step-by-step guide from setting up your
bind point to taking down level 70 monsters.

Outland Atlas: Don't set out without this guide to zones, towns
and outposts as well as an overview of the available infrastructure
in each of them.

Burning Crusade Flying Mounts: Which mount gives what
bonus? How much gold do you need to put aside to get one?
What can you expect to achieve with them? The World of
Warcraft Burning Crusade Guide offers answers to all mount-
related questions.

New Class Guides: From Druids to Warriors all classes face
new challenges and opportunities in the World of Warcraft
expansion. Employ class-specific tactics and leveling hints from
beta veterans to master them. Be a step ahead of the rest of your
server with the class specific insiders provided in this chapter.

New Profession Guides: Want to make a fortune with
Jewelcrafting? Then you better be quick and know what you are
doing. Together with recipes, specialization advice and ability
overviews for this and other crafting skills the World of Warcraft
Burning Crusade Guide lays the foundation to make you filthy

Burning Crusade Reputations: Making faction and reputation
mistakes while grinding or questing can cost you a lot of time
down the road. The WoW Burning Crusade Strategy Guide
explains everything about alliance, horde and neutral factions,
how to increase your standing with each of them and how to
avoid costly mistakes. Find out what alternate currencies are
about and how to obtain them with ease.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course
included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you
will receive a notification. Just log into your account and
download the update for free!
World of Warcraft Guides
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