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What's the perfect weapon for your Paladin? Where can you powerlevel from 1 to 70 in 10 days?
How does a Paladin defeat every single class regardless of their build in a duel? The World of
Warcraft Paladin Guide was written to answer those questions. Whether you just started playing and
want to reach level 70 as fast as possible or seek insiders to get you to the leading-edge of PvP: The
WoW Paladin Guide helps newbies and veterans alike with up to date guides, hints and secrets
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Wrath of the Lich King Guide
Have you recently been off-tanking on raids? Do you have more gold than you can possibly spend on
twinks given the limited number of character slots? Do you win your duels in feral form while
wearing caster gear? Then you probably belong to the people who already know most of the hints
and strategies found in the World of Warcraft Druid Guide. For everyone else this guide provides a
unique chance to learn how cutting-edge raid and PvP druids handle their character. What to expect:
Would your rogue perform better with swords or daggers? Is that Hunter getting you only because
you got the wrong talent build? Does it take so long to get your final mount because you do the
wrong quests or farm gold in the wrong places? Imagine you wouldn have to worry anymore but
simply knew the answer. You wouldn need to spend tireless hours on frustrating trial and error
attempts. You would be standing already in front of the auction house answering tells about that
devilish looking dagger at your side. The World of Warcraft Rogue Guide shows you how to get
What should your Hunter do right now to reach level 70 as fast as possible? Is there an ideal way of
pulling? Which weapons should you use at your current level and what enchants should you put on
them? The World of Warcraft Hunter Guide provides a complete run-down on all hunter-related
issues so you don't miss out. It ranges from a check-up on your talent build, to a review of your
PvP strategies and an exact list of items you should get at each level. Capable of turning an average
mid-level hunter into an epic equipped, high-level killing machine, the WoW Hunter Guide is a real
Do you run from end-level equipped Warlocks? Do you have any doubts that your grinding talent
build is really the best one to level your char? Do you envy the mages in flawlessly executed AoE
farming and PvPing videos? Maybe you should take a look the World of Warcraft Mage Guide.
Written to turn an average caster into a skilled and versatile end-level mage it's a strategy guide
beyond compare. Step-by-step from the very basics to advanced raiding and PvP strategies it
provides the real mage tricks, secrets and insider hints.
What's the best talent build for leveling? How do you win duels without wearing any epic items?
Where can you get better healing gear? There is an endless list of questions shamans face on their
way to level 60 and beyond. Whether it's rewarding farming locations or better raiding tactics:
Insider know-how always pays off tremendously. The World of Warcraft Shaman Guide provides
plenty of that and offers new players an easy start at the same time.
Leveling seems to take ages? Trips to the auction house end in frustration because you're always
short on gold? Third talent respec in a week because nothing seems to work out? For Warlocks,
these problems do not need to be part of the game. The World of Warcraft Warlock Guide addresses
these concerns and goes way beyond leveling advice, gold making hints and talent build
recommendations in the process:
Do you know the feeling of your finger hovering over the execute button, knowing that only two
seconds separate that coward rogue from a trip to the graveyard? Do you know the excitement
when you equip an epic armor piece that has better stats than everything else you ever wore in that
slot combined? Do you know the comfort of not having to worry about your talent point distribution
because all statistical tests say that your build is most efficient for your playing style? After reading
the World of Warcraft Warrior Guide you will. And very well so.
Your rogue and mage friends seem to out-level you with ease. Your guild's talent build requirements
make solo-farming a nightmare. You spend whole evenings trying to get the gold together for your
new mount. And your latest duels left you wondering where shadow priests get their reputation
from. How much it would help if you only had the help of a player who's been through all of that
and found a solution for those problems?
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