What If I Could Show You How To Make up to $120 Dollars Per Hour
Playing Video Games From Your Home... Would You Be Interested?"

So this is my brief-story (my life-story I will not share). My guide will show you the sites that I used
to find jobs that pay for game testing; I've done the trail blazing for you, so that you can save your
time. So here's a recap and some frequently asked questions:

1. Why would companies pay me to beta test games?
The game industry is now over a $50 billion dollar business. In the case of nationwide companies,
producing games that have bugs in them -- games that the customers will return, means losing
millions of dollars, and likely jobs.

If you buy a new MMORPG that crashes every time your character jumps while running, chances
are you will not like the game and tell all of your friends not to buy it. This is a serious setback for the
game company. The customers that bought their product will not buy it again and neither will their
friends. This company now will have invested millions of dollars in game development,
manufacturing, shipping, and marketing costs but no one will buy their game because of one glitch.

What if a game company creates a new way to play online, but it's just too complicated? This is a
serious setback, the company executives might of thought that the this new system was "cool" but in
fact, from the gamer's perspective, there's nothing "cool" about trying to figure out how to login to
play the game online. Again, no one will buy this game and the manufacturing company will lose

2. What, programmers can't catch all the glitches?
The answer is NO -- programmers are not necessarily gamers, they won't find all the bugs that a
gamer will. If a company pays you $40/hr to play games and find glitches for them that would
otherwise ruin the game experience for the user, and possibly hurt their sales, from their perspective
it's really a good deal.

3. Can I still go to school, or work my 9-5 job, what about Education requirements?
Most testing jobs don't require formal education. You get paid up to $120 per hour. This will depend
on your effort, knowledge, and experience. Some jobs are 9-5, while others are test whenever you
want; you will apply for the jobs that you like. The only hard requirement is that you need to be 18
years of age or older.

4. Can I test games on the XBOX 360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo DS, Gameboy, etc?
This will depend on the job that you land. If you only want to test games on the XBOX ONLY then
your employment opportunities will obviously be limited. You will apply for jobs that you like and test
on whatever system that you wish to test on.
Beta Testing
Get Paid to Beta Test MMORPG and games
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