I'm So Confident In My Gamers Course That I Personally
Guarantee You Will Land A Job As A Video Game Tester Or I Will
Double Your Money Back!

Dear Future Paid Gamer,

My name is Aaron Johnson and this letter is going to shock, awe, and freeze you in your tracks
harder then Sub-Zero blasting ice rays in a wicked game of Mortal Combat!

The reason why is simple...

Right now there is a HUGE opportunity in the video game industry that nobody dares to talk about. In
fact, there are tons of game testers who frantically hope you never read this message.

Here's why...

I Have Cracked The Insider Code On Scoring High Paying Jobs As A Video Game Tester And
Industry Workers Desperately Don't Want You To Find Out!

Now why in the world would they be trying to keep this information from you?

That's simple...

Let's say you knew the location of an old school Ms. Pacman arcade game. And every morning when
you put a quarter in that machine, it spit out Three Hundred Dollars in quarters!

How many people would you tell about that Ms Pacman machine?

Of course, you'd probably tell no one. You'd probably horde all that information and wealth to
yourself so you could continue to yank out all that easy money!

This is exactly how the video game industry is too. All the employed gamers desperately don't want
you to find out about their plush jobs. Theses dudes are wicked smart and they got it made in the life
of luxury right now.

They don't want everyone and their mother taking over all the new game testing jobs and making all
the killer money.

If You Are An Active Gamer Who Loves To Play Video Games 24/7, Then This Is Going To Be The
Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read!

IF you want to learn more about this guide, click below.
Video Game Testing
Get Paid to Test Video games
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