Warhammer Online is a massive game. Don’t let the 40 ranks fool you. There is more content in this
game than most MMOs ever have at initial launch with 6 races, 20 careers, and more than 120
chapters of questing. Throw in the public quests, the RvR scenarios and the end-game city sieges and
you have a game with so much to do and so many places to go that players are tearing their hair out
trying to figure out what to play first and how to get through it faster. In betas alone, I had dozens of
players knocking down my door in chat trying to get my help. They wanted to know how I was
already at Rank 20 on the third day of open beta. They wanted to know how I had gotten such good
gear on a second character in such short time. They wanted to know if I would share my methods
with them so they could join me at the top.

So, I got to thinking. What if I simply distilled everything down... all that content across so many
Tiers and zones... into a simple, easy to read leveling guide?

Mythic has made some incredible changes in their new MMO to how basic leveling works. They have
changed the fundamentals to where players no longer run aimlessly around. Zones are broken down
into chapters and each chapter has quests with real content that is mapped out on your mini-map with
easy to follow markers and red patches. So, everyone thinks it’s easier. They think they’ll get through
the game at top speed because the game is telling them what to do.

So, What Happens?

What happens between those first few self satisfying level ups and the 45 hours it ends up taking to
reach Level 20? There are countless quests, countless diversions, and so many different directions
pulling you at once that if you don’t know how and where to balance your time, you’re never going
to make it through the game in one piece!

Warhammer Online has 3 different methods to gain XP and level up: PvE quests, Public Quests, and
RvR Scenarios. Toss them all into a pile and try to sort out which combination of the three gets you
to the next rank fastest. And I guarantee you that I've completed it at the most efficient method. And
here’s why...

I’ve played through every single character race in the game and have built up a fleet of characters,
each of them zipping through their chapter sequences at record speed. I’ve recorded every tome
unlock I’ve noticed and written up every possible method I’ve seen to make your job that much easier
at leveling. I've done all the hard work so that you don't have to...
War Hammer Online Guide
WarHammer Online Guides
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