Help Wanted-Writers Needed
If you are looking for some free lance part time work or intership work for college, then look no
further., as part of Doom Enterprises LLC, a network of MMORPG related websites
that caters to the MMORPG community, is looking for the following positions.

ARTIST WANTED-Currently on Hold
Guildhelper is always seeking freelance commissioned artists (pencil/inker and colorists) who
can provide professional or near professional Comic style or Fantasy artwork. We are looking
for unique styles. No beginners please. No coloring necessary but prefer if you can do it all.
Artist must be able to draw detail backgrounds and both genders exceptionally well. Artist must
be comfortable drawing things such as animals, mounts, weaponry, vehicles, etc. This is a great
platform for those in need of extra cash on the side and those who want to perfect their craft.
Just email your best work to

Guildhelper is always seeking commissioned artists who are experts in either
FLASH/Adobe/CSS/Web design. Currently, we are seeking those who can create animated
banners, buttons, signatures, FLASH content for our MMO gamers who are looking for
something "flashy" for their guild websites. We are also looking for professional web designers
who can help MMO leaders create a customized guild website. If interested, please send
samples and email to

Got a lot to write about the MMORPG genre in general? Are you an experienced MMORPG officer or
leader? Are you an experienced Website developer? Do you have strong opinions about style
and fashion for MMORPG guilds? Do you want to share yo7ur blog, opinions or reviews about
certain MMORPG topics or games? Guildhelper is looking for more writers and articles relating to the
social aspects of the MMORPG comunity.

If you think you have a product or service to sell to the MMORPG community, please contact us

Guildhelper is always seeking products that can assist guilds in management tasks and creation.
If you have developed a product, book or software and would like Guildhelper to help you
market the product, please contact us at
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