Thru the Eyes of the MMO Girl
by Black Label
June 2006

This month, we explore the world of MMORPG thru the eyes of female MMO players. In
MMORPG, women often make up 15-20% of the entire population. In a recent (non scientific)
survey conducted by Guildhelper,we asked some basic fundamental questions about their views on
MMORPG and guilds. Want to improve your female guild population? Then read on..

A majority of the women conducted in the survey ranked socializing as one of the top reasons for
playing a MMORPG. What this mean to your guild is that a strong social network needs to be in place
for your guild to attract female players. Almost all women conducted in the survey ranked socializing
as the most important reason or the second most important reason to play MMORPG.

Women were also asked how they felt about officer roles and attitudes towards them. The
overwhelming response was that no female player wants to be treated differently because of their
sex. They do not want any favoritism or favors. Although many feel they receive different treatment,
they want to be judged and treated as equals. Therefore, most feel there shouldn't be a quota to fill for
female officers or leadership. those who attain those positions should truly earn it.

Women look at MMORPG guilds as a way to socialize. When asked about what is attractive about a
certain guild, most respond that a guild offers them people to team with. Almost all of the ladies
surveyed avoid soloing and seek companionship in guilds. They look for organization and events on
the guild website. Most will participate in the forums. They like the feeling of being part of something
big and being able to help out. Most women surveyed are not looking to create their own guilds.
Amazingly, most women are curious about their guild mates and would like real life info and photos
of them on the webs site.

About 50% of the women surveyed state they have a boyfriend, spouse or a close friend who they
play with. The prime reason they play MMORPG's is to spend time with them. This is important in
guild management since the female player have strong loyalty to her friends. If you decide to kick out
a certain player with strong ties, there may be others following.

Most female players have no preference in male vs female leaders as long they are fair and get the job
done. Although many surveyed state they see more male leaders, many state female leaders have
tendency to be more emotionally unstable but more forgiving and compassionate.
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