Difficulties of Maintaining a MMO Guild
This month, we explore the world of MMORPG thru the eyes of of a MMORPG officer. We asked
him to share some thoughts about the growing difficulties of maintaining a successful guild.

By Joshua Gonzales
July 2006

I’ve been an officer of a guild in an MMO for about six or seven months now. There are lots of
things that must be done to maintain the guild and I’ve noticed they all lead to keeping up morale.

Morale is necessary because if your guild members don’t feel passionate about the guild, then it will
crumble. Your members need to feel that being in the guild means something and that it is something
special. When a guild has been going hot for a year and a half, the leadership might start to tire out a
bit, and become less excited and enthused about playing the game. I was present for this brief
decrease in unity and morale and once it hits one person, the domino effect ensues and it affects
every person in the guild one-by-one.

It is hard to avoid these rough times because the game can start to seem boring and/or repetitious and
that is where it gets difficult. You want to spend less time playing and it’s harder to interact with
others because they all feel exactly as you do and it could lead to a serious downward spiral. So how
do you come back from this fall, or better yet, how do you prevent it? Make the game fun for
yourself and your guild members. Don’t depend on the game to liven itself up. Take advantage of the
fact that you have guild members willing to participate in whatever plan you have. I guarantee that
after the game isn’t so new and exciting for you anymore, what keeps you interested is playing with
your guild. Do missions, gather for events, both in game and in real life, and chat with each other. All
of these things will ensure fun is had by all and will keep the game something you’ll want to keep
coming back to.

Although this is just one of the difficulties of maintaining and running a guild, I feel that it is one of
the most common and pertinent. So do all that you can to keep you and your members coming back
for more to ensure that your guild is a long lasting joyful experience.
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