How to spot the Disruptive Players
By Black Label
August 2006

Disruptive players in the guild can really be a guild leader’s headache! Why can’t people act normally you
wonder or more like yourself? Well, despite being a game, MMORPG often reflect the real world all wrapped
up into one micro chasm. But because there is no direct interactive communication online sometimes, it is
harder to get a feel for how a person is like on the other end. Therefore, many guilds will wonder how an
establish guild members could be so disruptive and be so overlooked by the guild leaders and officers. As a
guild leader for over two years time, there are a few types of disruptive players that I see over and over
again. They drop hints here and there so be on a look out. They might be the next time bomb waiting to
explode! The following is a generalization. It is not always true but it hints at high probability.

The Drama Queen
One of the most disruptive members that a guild can have is the drama queen. To simply put, this member
makes a big deal over nothing. When they are pleasant, everything is great! There is a lot of love. But when
the drama queen is angered or jealous, watch out! To simply put, the drama queen needs to be the center of
attention and the world needs to revolved around him/her. They will often whine, accuse others, complain,
ridicule others behind their backs, be involve in mass gossiping, recruit supporters to their side and get
involve in large scale shouting matches.

Look among your members. Which one of them would make a comment like “How come officer Max gave him
the +5 sword?”, “Come on! Why didn’t you heal me. You let me die!”, “Did you hear, I made Palan look so
stupid in front of the guild officer.”, “Oh just shut up! You pervert!”

Any of us can state these remarks. However, if you know a person who consistently come up with these
similar remarks and statements, that person is the drama queen in your group. Potentially, this member can
disrupt your guild in the future by pinning friends again friends, dividing the guild into two. The end result
from a drama queen disruption is always ugly. Straighten them our or cut them before the bomb explodes.

The Liar and the Cheat
No one likes liar. And in the world of MMORPG, there are many liars and cheats. The best way is to record
any suspicious actions in the officer forum if any liars and cheats are suspected in the guild. There are some
who will use the guild and its members for the sole purpose of benefiting himself. They will “ninja” or steal
all the loot. They will always be there when something can benefit them but never there when something
requires sacrifice on their part. You can spot them easily because they are the ones that make up long
extrinsic explanations and lies for their actions. They are always apologizing when confronted. They are
always kissing up to the leaders and officers.

Look among your members. Which one of them would make a comment like. “Oh I didn’t know we were
suppose to roll a dice for the rights to the items”, “Oh I thought you said it was ok for me to open the chest.”
“Sorry, I wasn’t at the scheduled guild recruiting event, I had to wash my hair” “Sorry I was AFK, I had an
important phone call” “Officer Max, that was such a great run!! Let’s do it again! “

Now mind you, we all say these things, but the liar and the cheater will display a repeating pattern of the
above statements. That’s why your officers need to record any possible disruptive behavior in a log of
officer forum. The person who is doing this consistently, is your liar/cheater. What’s the end result you
might ask? The liar and the cheater leaves the guild after your officers and guild members spent tons of time
leveling, crafting, and assisting him and he joins the next “flavor” guild of the month.

The “I” man (The individual)
The next individual is easy to spot but may be hard for you to think he is a disruptive force. It is the good
member in your guild that doesn’t follow the rules. He/she is not into the group uniform thing or following
the guild laws. They do whatever they want even though they are not dramatic or lying. Most officers will let
that go and say there’s no harm. “That’s just stubborn old Harry”. But that’s the disruption. One member
who gets away with something and soon everyone will follow.

Keep in mind, I am not saying to kick this guy out. But do realize that his action is fundamentally disrupting
what you are putting together. If you expect your members to wear a guild tunic or uniform on certain days
and he comes in shorts and sandals, he is disrupting your guild expectations and member obligations. One
thing about holding a guild together is that you must uphold your fundamental rules and there shouldn’t be
exceptions to the rule.

You can easily spot the “I” man because as the individual, he has his own uniform, his own symbols, his
own style. The “I” man may not even identify himself as a member of your guild when introducing himself to
others.. Remember, in a guild, you are seeking the “we” members. The ones who feel the sum is greater than
its parts. The ones who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater whole. Although the “I” man can
be the greatest and kindest person in the world, if he’s not into guild rules, you have to let the individual go.
In the long run, you cant count on him.
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