Planning a MMORPG Wedding Event
By Black Label

f you’ve been the leader of a successful MMORPG guild, you might have had the honor of holding a
guild wedding event. I’ve been privileged enough to be involved in two such events for my guild. In
my opinion, this is one of a few guild events that can really bring your guild members together. On
one occasion, the event was held between two real life lovers who wished to celebrate and shared
their real life romance with the rest of the guild by holding a guild marriage between their MMORPG
characters. The second scenario was held by two hard core MMORPG role-playing gamers. Both
events have a lot to offer and both were wonderful unique experiences which increase guild morale
and publicity.

In order for your event to be a successful one, you need to plan it ahead of time! So what do you
need to plan a successful MMORPG wedding event? Well, decide among your event planners how
detail you want this event to be. Are you guys a hard core role playing guild? Or are you guys just a
casual guild looking to bring some fun? For most MMORPG guild, holding a basic wedding event
requires the union of your bride and groom, perhaps an exchange of vows and a sermon by a player
priest or your MMORPG guild leader. Have fun writing something up! Most wedding events are held
in a church or a “church-like” zone. Look around, most MMORPG have lots of area with these
buildings where these events can be held. In World of Warcraft, the Stormwind Cathedral is a perfect
place. In City of Heroes, the obelisk and fountains at Founder’s Fall or City Hall in Atlas Park are
good choices. But a park, a guild residence hall, a town hall or an inn will even do. And if you’re
holding a guild event for undeads, aliens or orcs, I guess any place, even a cemetery, would be fine.

To hold a successful wedding event, you need attendance and fashion. So publicize your event early.
Invite your friends and allies to join the celebration. List your event in the MMORPG forums and
invite the public. Hold the marriage in style. Have all the guild members and player groom show up in
a dress uniform or your guild uniform. The player bride can have a fun time designing a bride dress
whether it's thru costume customization in games like City of Heroes or thru tailoring and other skills
specialization in games like World of Warcraft and Everquest.  You can even create a formal wedding
invitation and send them out.

If you want more details and get other members involved, you can get a set of groomsmen,
bridesmaid, best man & even a “father of the bride” to give the bride away. Heck! That would mean
MMORPG bachelor parties or bridal showers as other fun guild events you can hold. Want to get
more detailed? How about wedding presents? Presents given can be in game items like that nice Tier
1 or super enhanced gear or equipment, cash (who wouldn’t want that?), tailored or crafted items or
something more personal like a commissioned artwork. You can even hold other wedding
entertainment functions during or after the ceremony such as wedding games or dancing.

So what does holding an event like this do for your guild? Simple.
1) It displays your leadership and allows you to be a creative guild leader
2) It offers guild member participation in a non in-game event
3) It improves guild morale and unity because of the uniqueness of the event.
4) It generates excitement and guild publicity to the public, making your guild more unique
and attractive for enrollment.
5) It writes another chapter into the role playing history of your guild.

What you need. The basic check list
1) The bride and groom –exchange vows
2) Player Priest or Guild leader –give sermon/speech
3) Best Man, Bridesmaid, Groomsmen, Father of the Bride – honor other members/friends-
4) Wedding invitation – send via email
5) Designate a location (cathedral, city hall, etc)
6) Designate a time – peak time
7) Dress or guild uniform – optional
8) Someone to take screen shots or to capture a video– the photographer!
9) Publicize on forums/calendar 2 weeks ahead of time!
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