Halloween & Holiday MMORPG Events
A City of Hero Halloween Event
By Black Label
September 2006  
One of the best ways to celebrate the holidays with your MMOG buddies is to create an online holiday
themed role playing guild events. With Halloween coming soon and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New
Years around the corner, this is the perfect time to plan for those events. Plus, most gamers are home with
nothing to do during the holidays! After a heavy Thanksgiving dinner, there’s nothing to do except some
hard core gaming! As guild leader, you can create unique events tailored to each of these holidays. Not only
can you increase your guild uniqueness, but you will increase guild morale and increase guild activity! Most
MMOG gamers will appreciate these tailored events (even the cheesy ones). Here are some examples and
ideas to help you start!

Halloween is all about tricks and treats! Treat your guild to a mystery event such as a mystery kidnapping or
a mystery murder! In keeping with the theme, revolve the storyline around ghosts, zombies and/or vampires!
No matter what genre of MMOG you play,
there is always a role for these undead beings! Start the event in a graveyard, an abandoned house or any
creepy zone your MMOG is bound to have. Here are some possible plot lines.

  • Someone’s been murdered. Find out who is responsible and discover the closet vampire in the guild.
  • Someone’s been murdered. Find out who is the Dr.Jeckel/Mr.Hyde (or werewolf) in the guild and the
    experimentation gone wrong.
  • Investigate the haunting at the Museum. The ghost of the museum has a puzzle for your guild to
  • Investigate the graveyard and the overturned tombstones. Who are the grave robbers and
    encounters with zombies!
  • Start a costume contest! Dress up as your favorite hero! Ghost and ghouls! Or TV character!
  • Gather at a graveyard and form a bonfire. Exchange scary and creepy stories! An online ghost story
    telling contest! Bound to get laughs and the creeps!

Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks to those who have made a difference in your life. This is a perfect
day to unite with fellow allies or guild members and reflect on the guild and the past. Thanksgiving is also
traditionally associated with feasts and festivities. Therefore, Thanksgiving events should always be started
and associated with a big gathering at an area with a large table and a fireplace such as an inn or tavern. A
forest of red/yellow trees or a pumpkin field can also work as it sets the autumn theme. Here are some
possible guild events!

  • A role playing feast and festival of all your guild members and allies.
  • Award ceremony to outstanding guild members chosen by the leaders and by the members.
    Categories may include best rookie, best guild mate and “turkey of the year”!
  • Rescue the soldier from war and bring him home to his mother for Thanksgiving. (A Saving Private
    Ryan theme which involves finding the soldier and escorting him back safely.)
  • Grandma is making the famous pumpkin pie. Get the “strange ingredients” that she requires. Guild
    goes on a scavenger hunt!
This wonderful day of the year is a day of giving and peace! Events should be lighthearted and fun in
general. Nothing serious and nothing dismal! This is a day of fun and celebration. Build role playing themes
around the Christmas spirit or around the winter season in general. Places involving snowy terrains, cozy
fireplaces or toy stores are ideal because it gets you right in the mood of the holiday season.

  • Dress up as Santa Claus and start giving gifts to fellow guild mates!! Give enhancements, weapons,
    tailored items, etc to your fellow guild mates!
  • Have your guild mates dress up as Santa or his elves (or equivalent) and start handing out money to
    the poor, the needy, and the newbs!! (It’s a nice publicity stunt to make your guild look friendly and
  • Santa Claus or one of Santa’s helper/reindeer is missing! Start a fun and lighthearted mystery
    kidnapping event!
  • Time to get one a precious item/equipment/weapon for the guild leader as a token of appreciation.
    Organize a guild raid or event that will allow you to accomplish that.
  • Gather in the snowy terrain and start a hide and seek event! Or a snow ball fight if the MMOG allows.

New Years
A time of reflection and resolutions! The end of the old and the beginning of the new! This is the perfect
time to introduce new laws, rules or themes! Surprise your guild with something new! A new leader! A new
rule! A new role playing twist! A good place for celebration would be the most crowded area such as the
town center or city hall. It’s the perfect time to make a big announcement.

  • Gather your entire guild and have a rowdy time. Dancing and drinking while just having a good time
    chatting and getting to know one another!
  • With a new year comes a new change. Introduce the new guild uniform!
  • Perfect time for just about any type of role playing events. Weddings and mystery events can all be
    integrated as part of the New Year celebration.
  • The New Year can also be the start of something dismal and tragic. If you have a big role playing
    event planned ahead, the New Years is a good time to give a foreshadowing and glimpse of what is
    to come.
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