Determine Your Guild Leadership Structure
By Black Label

In a MMORPG guild, there are many possible guild leadership structures that can exist. Each
structure has its benefits and negatives depending on the circumstances. Determine which guild
structures best suits your purposes and how you wish to govern. You may also find that as your
guild grow or diminishes, your guild structure will change from time to time.

Here are some of the most popular MMORPG guild leadership structures

The Monarch
The Monarch guild structure is simple. You have a king or a dictator (often the guild creator or guild
master) who is the supreme say all for all decision. The advantages of this guild structure are many.
Things get done quicker. Things get done your way. Things get done PERIOD! You rule, officers
obey. This is ideal for smaller guild and for those failing guilds without true leadership. Having one
voice and one decision can eliminate indecisiveness and administrative arguments. The focus remains
the same. It is your vision! The monarch guild structure only fails when you do. Therefore, you can't
relax and take a vacation. When you burn out, your guild is without a leader. Despite the efficiency
associated with the monarch guild structure, ruling with an iron fist or strict rules can lead to a
backlash and a rebellion. On the other hand, a wise and fair guild master can lead the guild thorough
many fantastic and wonderful guild moments and arise from otherwise disastrous crisis. Be like
Alexander the Great! Avoid becoming like Stalin.

The Circle
The Council

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