Choosing the Right Guild Name
By Black Label
May 2007

One of the first and hardest task as guild master is coming up with your guild name. There are many
ways to go about this but the bottom line is the guild name should represent you, your guild and your
vision. Most people want a guild name to be cool sounding but also unique. There are many ideas and
suggestions on naming your guild. The best way to test them is to check the reaction of your friends
and others. Is the name catchy? Is it unique? Is there power or prestige behind the name? Is it
memorable? Some prefer funnier and light-hearted names. Others prefer theme based names.

Here are some basic facts about guild name creation.

Number of Words
In general, one-worded guild names are the most powerful. Guild names like The Syndicate™ ,
Luminous, Chaos
and Divinity are simple, powerful and memorable. However, choosing the right
word is often very difficult. That’s why there are so few good ones out there. Sometimes to find the
right one word adjective or noun, one must consult a handy thesaurus.

Most guild names are made up of two complex words. Often one is an adjective and the other is a
noun. Examples such as
Twilight Crusaders, Acadia Rage, Splintered Essence, Top Ten and Doom
provide a nice balance and play on words. These guild names are unique, sounds cool and
each paints a complex picture of what the guild is about.

Another variation of this is to use a “phrase-like” guild name. Examples such as
Forged by Fury or
Bound by Blood. Also commonly used are phrases such as Knights of Azeroth, Disciples of
, or Blood of the Alliance.

There are also three word guild names and some with even more. The number of words is important if
you want to emphasize power and uniqueness. The more words, the less powerful your guild name
sounds. The less words, the more powerful. I’m sorry to those guilds that I may be offending but I
can’t take guild names like “The Righteous Order of the Black Arm Guardian” seriously.  I hope that
example was a fake guild name. If not, I apologize in advance.

Sometimes the guild name can showcase the theme of your guild. Here are some guild names with
their respective theme.

  •       Angry Angels (all female superhero character guild)
  •       The Crusaders (a holy paladin/priest/warrior themed guild)
  •       Paragon Taxi Service (a taxi themed guild)
  •       EuroCore (European based guild)
  •       Ludicrous speed (a lighthearted guild)

Keep in mind that having a theme based name can make your guild unique but it can also limit your
guild’s potential since you are setting boundaries with the name.

Availability and Uniqueness
The point of guild name creation is to pick a name that is unique. A name that is yours. There are
hundreds and hundreds of
Legions of Doom running around in every MMORPG. Pick a name that is

Once you’ve decided upon a guild name, what next? My suggestion for all serious guildmasters is to
lock up the name by registering it as a website domain name. If you want to be the only Doom
Supremacy in all MMORPG’s, then register the name I think most people
would avoid a particular guild name if they can’t purchase the domain name for it. (
To learn more
about guild domain name,
Read Here. To purchase your own guild domain name from Yahoo
for $1.99, Click the Yahoo Banner Below)

So go out there, open up your thesaurus and come up with something unique! Then own it by
registering it as a website domain name for $1.99!
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