Spot the Quality Player with these 5 Traits
By Black Label
July 2007

How does one find quality players for their guild? What type of traits should one look for?
These are just some quick  character traits that you should look for.

1) A quality player is one that know how to play the game and understands the mechanics of team
work. No one enjoys playing with someone who charges in like Leroy Jenkins or someone who is
selfish or someone who just leeches the exp. This is a MMORPG guild and a lot of coordination and
team play is important. That is the foundation behind a guild. You can’t have a guild if people don’t
even understand the basis behind teamwork. So the guilds should look for unselfish team players who
understands the mechanics of team play and who can follow directions. That’s why recruitment
processes are so important. Those who can’t even follow basic directions during recruitment should
be automatically dropped because if they can’t even follow simple basic and initial instructions, what
chance do you have in combat, raids or team play?

2) A quality player is also someone who you can trust and count on. Think of those players who saved
your butt in combat. Perhaps its the tanker who absorbed the damage giving you time to make a
speedy getaway to safety or the awesome medic who always heals you in the nick of time. Perhaps it’
s the controller who keeps every enemy in check, making your play much easier. Once again, team
play and players who understand their role are essential. We all want to play with members that know
how to play their characters. So every guild should look for members with integrity, reliability,
trustworthy, and those who've are committed in mastering their characters powers and roles.

3) A quality player is also one of those players that can brighten our moods. We’re all interested in the
ones that greet us in chat, lend us their ears, offer us advice and be our online friend. A guild is an
online family so communication is important. There are always a few members that make us smile
whenever they log on. For me, it’s the members like Caterina and Giggle Smurf in my guild. Why?
Somehow, they always brighten our day and remind us that the guild is also a place for fun and
relaxation. So look for kindness, compassion, family oriented individual who are here to meet new
friends and be a contributing member of this online family.

4) A quality player is mature and always obey the basic rules of the guild. We're all here for fun. We
are all adults and at least treat each other as adults. Quality guilds do not exist to “PWN anyone” or
show off and talk trash. So every guild should discourage inviting players who are immature, who are
a baggage of drama, and those who are confrontational and aggressive by nature. You all are here to
coexist as a group. That’s also one of the reasons why an age limit is recommended. (*Note-there are
still some great members that are under 18 but establishing an age limit will allow you to weed thru
many of the immature players) Look for members who are honest, can follow directions, follow basic
rules, display courtesy and respect to each other. Above all, look for maturity and at all cost avoid

5) Lastly, a quality player stands united with his guild. The motto should be “guild before self and
before others”. Those who actually walk the walk, not just talk the talk. There are many fakers who
say they are "for the guild" but really are there only when convenient. True quality members will
sacrifice their raids, instances, monetary value/items and drop anything they are doing when a guild
event is going on or when an officer or member asks for help. That’s a dedicated, reliable, quality
player who we all love to play and associate with. To be frank, the players who do not come to a guild
member’s help because they care more about XP, hanging out with other groups or care more about
PL/soloing should not be part of your guild.  So finally, your guild needs to look for people who are
loyal and who are willing to sacrifice for the guild.

Those are just some examples of some character traits of a quality member. The bottom line is this.
Always prefer quality over quantity. Find those who are a good fit to your group. Those who will
make sacrifice to make sure other players have fun. In the long run, everyone has fun and your guild
will grow stronger.
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