How to Choose your Guild Colors?
By Black Label
July 2007

Determining guild colors is part of the first steps in the creation of your guild. Colors often
have strong symbolism and meaning depending on different culture. If you have a certain
theme to your guild, then choosing the right color is important.

Basic Symbolism
  • Black: power, strength, death, evil, fear, mystery
  • Blue: calming, stable, cool, truth, inspiration
  • Red: passion, love, heat, warmth, blood, vitality, sex, war
  • Pink: women, care, love,
  • Green: balance, growth, money, freedom, nature, prosperity, healing/lifeforce
  • White: purity
  • Yellow: wisdom, joy,
  • Gold: courage, confidence
  • Grey: neutral, sorrow

Western Culture Color symbolism
  • Purple and gold are often associated with Royalty, wealth and power
  • Red, White and Blue reflect the American flag, and is a good for patriotic guild themes
  • Orange and Black combo represents Halloween.
  • Red and Green represent Christmas.
  • Purple and Yellow and other pastels colors represent Easter  
  • Blue, Red, White and Grey represent Stability, Power, and Trustworthiness
  • Yellow, Brown, Orange, Green represents Nature, earthiness, warmth
  • Red, Orange, yellow represents more warmth
  • Blues and Aquas represent water and coolness
  • Primary colors (Red, Blue, Yellow) Conveys fun

Asian Color Symbolism
  • Red: Happiness, marriage, prosperity
  • Pink Marriage
  • Yellow: Against evil, for the dead, geomantic blessings
  • Green: Eternity, family, harmony, health, peace, posterity
  • Blue: Self-cultivation, wealth
  • Purple: Wealth
  • White: Children, helpful people, marriage, mourning, peace, purity, travel
  • Gold: Strength, wealth
  • Gray: Helpful people, travel
  • Black: Career, evil influences, knowledge, mourning, penance, self-cultivation

Personal Favorite Color Combination Schemes
  • Black/Gold or Black/White/Gold or Black/White
  • Black/Green or Black/Green/Gold
  • Red/White
  • Blue/Yellow or Red/Yellow
  • Red/Black (The Most Common)
  • Blue/Black or Blue/Silver or Blue/White
  • Purple/Black/Gold
  • Black/Silver
  • Black/Purple or Black/Purple/Gold
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