8 Essential Guild Management Addons for
World of Warcraft
By Kristina Johnson

Here is an article on the World of Warcraft addons that I have found to be most essential and useful to
my guild. Many guilds use multiple WoW addons for various guild management purposes. We all must
admit that the game World of Warcraft really lacks basic guild management function and support,
unlike Everquest which has proper support for the guilds especially regarding banking end game raid
items. WoW simply lacks the proper tools to aid you. Lucky for all of us, Blizzard allows independent
addons which can be downloaded and useful to fix these issues. In my research, I have found eight
essential addons for WoW guilds management.  They are the following:

  •        GroupCalendar
  •        Guildmap
  •        Gatherer
  •        Gatherersync
  •        Atlas
  •        AtlasLoot Enhanced
  •        Atlasquest
  •        DuckieBank

GroupCalendar is a great addon which allows for the guild to have and in-game calendar of events,
raids, instances, birthdays, and much more. All guild members can view any updates and changes
made to the calendar in real time if they have the addon. Additionally, players can provide feedback to
the event's sponsor such as replying whether they will or won't be attending an event. GroupCalendar
uses a data channel which should be setup by the guild leader to send all the data for the calendar to
everyone else. Best of all, this addon can be set up so that multiple guilds can use the same calendar so
that alliance can better communicate planned events and raids.  
Guildmap is a great program which allows all the guild members with the addon to view the location of
all active players on the world map and mini map without being in a team or raid. Furthermore, it can
be set up so that friendly non-guild members or allies who are using the addon can view each other just
as you could a guild member.
Gatherer and Gatherersync are two addons that work together. Gatherer stores the locations of all the
treasures, mining veins, herbs and other items you find in the game so it displays them on your world
and mini map. This helps reduce the time it takes to farm your materials for crafting by giving you the
exact location of the items needed on your map. Gatherersync sends all the data from Gatherer directly
to all your guild members who are also using Gatherer so everyone can sync up allowing your
members to share each other’s knowledge of the location. In time, this addon can quickly cover every
location in the game, allowing a decent sized guild the knowledge and location of necessary items.
The three essential addons for any guild, especially raid guilds, are Atlas, AtlasLoot Enhanced, and
Atlasquest.  The latter two requires the use of Atlas to work.  Atlas gives you full maps of every
dungeon in World of Warcraft including boss locations. However outland maps are not included in
Atlas unless you download the Outland maps addon for Atlas. AtlasLoot Enhanced is the better version
of AtlasLoot which gives you all the loot info on all the bosses and mobs in every dungeon listed by
Atlas. Furthermore, AtlasLoot Enhanced also gives the info on all Tier armor drops. Atlasquest expands
on Atlas by giving you more information on all quests related to the dungeons listed by Atlas. This can
be extremely useful especially when the information offered from your quest log is insufficient or you
want to know what quests you don't have yet and where to get them.
DuckieBank is the best addon for guild management in my opinion. This addon allows the guild to have
an ingame guild bank with an ingame window view of all the guild bank's contents. Simply set up a
member of your guild as the guild banker by creating a Banker rank in the guild and giving it to them).
The addon then scans their bank and their bags and transmits all the data from the scan to everyone in
the guild who is using the addon. Furthermore, the addon allows your guild members to send item
requests to the guild banker. Also the addon supports having multiple people set up as Guild bankers so
you can have multiple guild banks.
So there you have it, the essential 8 guild addons for any WoW guild management. These programs
will really make your World of Warcraft guild function much easier and more efficient.
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