Essential Add On’s for World of Warcraft
Role Playing Guilds
By Kristina Johnson
August 2007

It has been a little while since my last article but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on essential
World of Warcraft add-ons for role playing guilds. My last article focused on essential add-ons for
normal WoW guilds. These add-ons still apply to role playing guilds (you can check that article
However, there are a few more add-ons that a WoW guild that’s focused on roleplaying will need. In
my experience, these add-ons are the best and often found by role players to be essential to obtain the
best role playing experience in World of Warcraft. The add-ons I speak of are Lore, ImmersionRP,
FlagRSP, Eloquence, and Outfitter. Normally I would include
ephemeral on the list since it was the
best RP add-on for a time but it is no longer supported by WoW.

Lore is an add-on for WoW that allows players to speak in languages not usually allowed by their race.
So a humans can speak Darnassian and so forth. However just as WoW does not allow cross faction
communication, neither does Lore. So the benefits for this add-on are only really for role-playing
purposes with your own faction. Lore also will translate anyone speaking in another language of your
Faction so it helps you understand know what someone else is saying. Finally, Lore has languages that
don't exist in Wow such as High Elven and Lore can be used to create customized languages. However
Lore can only translate a custom language if it has the files for that language so anyone you speak to in
your custom language will not understand it unless you give them the file for that language. This is
great way for setting up a secret language among your guild members. It allows you to communicate
secretly to someone in public without others understanding what is said. Whether the custom
languages are cross faction supported or not is unknown.

FlagRSP is an add-on meant for role playing by offering the option of you to flag yourself in or out of
“role playing” character. Anyone that is using FlagRSP will be able to see you as flagged for role
playing. No more typing (roleplaying) before or after every sentence. Essentially, this add-on will other
s to recognize that you are role playing. Furthermore, the add-on always you to add character
information and basic information for any Roleplayer character sheet such as last name, title, and

ImmersionRP is an add-on much like FlagRSP but it is made to also work with FlagRSP and all other
similar Addons such as MyRoleplay and will communicate on their data channels so long as you have
that addon for ImmersionRP to work in conjunction with.

Eloquence is basically your basic spellchecker. It checks spelling and grammar of what you say
before sending to any channel. It will automatically send the correct spelling and such to the channel to
make your speech and etiquette more eloquent. Because role playing in MMORPG is dependent on
typing, now your role playing won’t be harmed by bad spelling and grammar. Eloquence also has the
nice feature that allows you to alter your words to fit certain slang or accent that is more suitable for
your character's race.

Outfitter isn't really a role playing specific add-on but it is useful. What this add-on does is allow you
to instantly change outfits that you pre-designate. You can have any number of outfits with your armor
and other clothing to create and choose from. This allows you to change to a number of clothing from
formal wear to armor depending on the role playing occasion. This is good not only for role playing
purposes but also good for normal game play as it can let a tank switch from a tanking armor build to a
damage build on the fly.

So there you have it. Now you can go on and role play your favorite WoW character.
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