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By Black Label
May 2008

If you're like most guild leader, you're always looking new things to help you guild grow. This new
site,, can do a few neat things to help your guild grow. Its a growing
MMORPG social network and its tools are absolutely free.

1. Publicize your Guild for FREE.
Most guild leaders are always looking for new guild members to join. Getting similar people to join
your guild is always one of the hardest to do. Most successful guild have either been lucky or have
vast resources to accomplish this task. When there are ways to facilitate this and free ways to
publicize your guild, you should not pass it up. Now I am here to share with you one additional
resource to attract quality members to your guild.

The new site called can help you in many ways. It's essentially a MySpace
and Facebook social networking community hybrid but for MMORPG gamers. It looks like the next
new social networking site to hit the MMORPG scene. With a growing number of members,
myMMORPGspace might be you guild's ticket to stardom.

2. Free Guild Web Hosting capabilities
One of the function listed in is the Free Guild Hosting section. This area
allows you to introduce your guild to the public and allows you to perform all the crucial functions a
guild needs. There are thousands of people who frequent these pages and hundreds of members
looking for a new guild. There are also a separate guild forums, calendar of events, news posting and
images for members to see. Essentially, its a free "classifed ad" for potential new guild members!
Furthermore, because of its powerful search and matching engines, you can find members who fit the
traits you are looking for. Powerlevelers, Raids, Role-players or whatever you want, you name it!

3. Dont have Ventrilo. No problem
Another useful part about this site is the audio and video features of the chatroom. Now you can enter
your guild chat room and visually communicate with your members and friends if they have a mic and
vid cam. Furthermore, this AV chatroom is so powerful, it has little lag and no downtime, allowing you
to leave it in the background while playing your game. Essentially, it serves as a Ventrilo or Teamspeak
but its FREE. You can play WoW or City of Heroes and communicate with your friends with the
Chatroom as clearly as Teamspeak or Ventrilo.

4. Upload your Guild Video and Images/Screenshot for FREE
Are you tired of paying for photobucket or hosting sites for your videos? Now you can upload your
guild movies, videos and screenshot on their site. You can use their attached URL to post in your
forums and sites.

These are just some of the neat things you can do with this site for your MMORPG needs. Most
important function of all, its FREE. Like anything, your result will be dependent upon the amount of
time and effort you put into it. There is no magic formula forumas in making your guild more
succesful but there are now some shortcuts and FREE tools on the internet like
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