How to Save a MMORPG Game Screenshot
Most MMORPG will have a button which will allow you to save your screenshot. Look through
your MMORPG instruction guide. Most commonly, the button is the PRINT SCREEN button on
your keyboard. The image is usually saved in your MMORPG game folder within the
Program File
folder but sometimes can appear elsewhere such as the
My Computer folder. Once you found the
images, you can change the file name.

However, if your MMORPG does NOT allow you to save a screenshot or if you want to save a
screenshot of something else on the web. Then you must use the following instructions.

"In Microsoft Windows a screenshot of the entire monitor, complete with taskbar, can be copied to
the system clipboard by pressing the Print screen key. Alternatively, pressing Alt + Print screen will
copy just the active window to the clipboard. One can then paste the clipboard into a program such
as MS Paint or Paint.NET to save it as an image file (for posting online, for instance), or paste it
directly into a document. If saving as an image file, it is best to use a format which uses lossless
compression (e.g. PNG) or no compression (e.g. BMP). Use a format which supports 24-bit color if
the screenshot contains many colors." -

  • Alt + PRINT SCREEN to capture the active window or just PRINT SCREEN to capture your
    full computer screen.
  • Select Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint. The Paint application opens.
  • Press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot  
  • Save the file.

"Mac OS X offers several means to take a screenshot :

using key combinations in the finder :

  • shift - command - 3 will capture the full screen, and place files on the desktop. If you work
    in a multi-screen configuration, one file will be created for each screen.
  • shift - command - 4 will allow you to capture part of the screen : after pressing those three
    keys, your cursor will become a small cross, and you will be able to select the region of the
    screen to capture. If you press the space bar, the cursor will become a camera, that will
    capture a window, a menu, the menu bar, an icon ... The item to capture will be highlighted as
    you pass your mouse over it.
  • If you press the control key (ctrl) while taking the screenshot, the resulting image will go to
    the clipboard instead of a file. You can then paste it in whatever program you want."
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