How do I Post my MMORPG character
Screenshot on the guild website or forum?
How many of you have the following question: How do I post my character screenshot on the
forum or on the guild website?
Thats probably one of the most common questions I received as a
Guild webmaster for my guild site.

In order to post pictures or screenshot on any website, the image must be
hosted by a source server.
Images are usually in the form of a JPEG or a GIF file. If you purchased your
own website hosting
and pay a monthly fee with services such as Yahoo! or, then you can host your
images there. However, if you are looking for a FREE image hosting site, then Guildhelper have
several safe recommendations for you regarding where to upload your MMORPG related images on
the web.

Most gamers want to know how to post an image or screenshot on the forum. Most forums will
have an icon, when clicked on, that will ask your for location of the file. The most common mistake
that people make is to use the location from their own computer. What you need to do is type in the
http address where you file is. It would look something like the following. This is the "URL code".

If you want to post an image that requires HTML code. Thats what they call the "embedded code or
script". It looks something like this. This code or script can be very long or very short but it always
easy to identified because it opens to < and ends with >.

<img src="">

  • myMMORPGspace is a social networking site for MMORPG gamers similar to Facebook or a
MySpace. It is a sister site of and one of its unique features is that it allows you to
upload images on the web for FREE. Once the image is uploaded, you can find its URL code (http
address of the image) or embedded code (HTML code) so you can post the image to any web
content from your forums to other guild website pages. Below is a sample screenshot of's image hosting.
  • Photobucket is a very popular image hosting site that more and more people are beocming
comfortable using. Back when this article was first written, was a new site that not
many gamers knew about. It has become extremely popular to the general public and now charges a
fee for upgraded services. Read their easy FAQ to set up an account.
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