How to change your MMORPG Voice?

Voice Changer Software Designed by Gamers  

Middleton, WI (7/21/06) - Screaming Bee LLC has completed its latest games accessibility initiative.
The company's voice-changing product, MorphVOX, is now fully controllable from within any game.
This continues with the product philosophy of the company, which has designed MorphVOX
specifically for online games. "From the start, MorphVOX was designed for online games only after
experiences from real game play," explains Mark Ramirez, CEO of Screaming Bee. "Any new features
that we have added are based on input from our gaming customers in the field." Full in-game
accessibility has been the latest initiative for Screaming Bee. Unlike other voice-changing products,
MorphVOX is capable of being controlled from within a game without ever having to leave the
gaming user-interface. The latest installment of QuickVoices allows gamers to modify voice presets
using a key, mouse or joystick button.
Screaming Bee has come out with many new Fantasy and Science Fiction product add-ons based on
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