Surround MMORPG Gaming Experience
TripleHead2Go delivers the ultimate PC gaming experience, allowing full screen DirectX and OpenGL
on three screens at up to 3840x1024 resolution. Using your system's existing graphics (including
SLI™), the TripleHead2Go will take your gaming to the next level with the most immersive
environment ever - nothing else comes close. You'll have to experience it to believe it, but once you do,
you'll find it hard to go back to a single monitor. Surround Gaming fully engages your peripheral vision
with games running at up to 135 degree wide-angle field of view.
Matrox TripleHead2Go Digital Edition with Alpha Prime by Black Element Software

TripleHead2Go comes with Matrox Surround Gaming Utility software for automatically adding
widescreen support to video games. Enjoy an extensive list of gaming titles across a wide variety of
game genres including: first person shooters, racing and flight simulations, role playing games,
real-time strategies, third person action and sports, as well as a host of massive multi-player online
games. There are over
150 games supported with wide Field Of View.

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MMORPG Guild Media
Every MMORPG guild officer, leader and creator needs to know a little about guild website creation,
guild artwork, guild videos, and graphics. Information regarding where to host these videos and images
are important. Communication modalities such as VoIP (with Teamspeak and Ventrilo) and establishing
successful website forum have become synonymous with running a MMORPG guild. Our media pages
will offer some insight and knowledge on what you can do as a guild officer.
Keep in touch with your old MMO Guild Friends & Buddies by enrolling in our sister-site. Don't lose
touch just because the game ended. Join for FREE
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