Whoa! A free 200 man voice server!?
By Black Label
June 2008
IA couple days ago I was searching for a voice server for my guild, I didn’t have the best experience
with Team Speak and all I could find was pricy Ventrilo Servers. After a couple hours of searching I
was ready to give up when I stumbled across this program that is called GSC.

GSC is a program similar to Xfire. Unlike Xfire, GSC lets you have a 200 man voice server … for
free! GSC is owned by
www.GameServers.com, arguably the largest game server company out there.
I was shocked to see that you get a 200 man voice server for free and I wanted to put it to the test.

I have been testing GSC for a week and I’m shocked. For a free program it works as good as Ventrilo
and has cool nifty features. The program leans towards clans but it’s still a great program.

You can try or get GSC for free by going to

Some of the features are;

  • Create multiple channels and sub channels
  • Pick from any of our 12 datacenters worldwide to host your voice server
  • Full moderation of your voice channel, including the ability to kick/ban users
  • Automatically save channel settings
  • View status of your friends online, including information on games they are currently playing
    and what server they are on
  • Text or voice your friends instantly — even while playing most games!
  • Easily log conversations for future reference
  • Customize your GSC account with icons, profiles, and more!
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